S4S: Another Huge Explosion in Linkopring / Boris Johnson Meeting with Merkel & Macron

Sanity 4 Sweden
20 August 2019

Robert Schofield
What a brilliant idea I hope it gets taken up in the uk that any immigrant that is found guilty of a crime should be deported but with the added incentive that all of his/her relatives are deported too at the same time.  I’m gonna be pushing for that with the Brexit Party should they get into power.  That’s if Boris and co do not do the right thing and get us out of the E U pronto And give Merkel and Macron the Churchill ‘V’ sign.

Hellequin, Gentleman Bastard
I hope Boris wears a protective ACM-suit (Anti Cultural Marxism), Merkel is heavily infected and a Carrier for this Deadly Disease.

Victor Copeland
Thanks Stefan, for the daily dose of sanity! Even more arrogant than Merkel and Macron is Leo VeRATkar, who had a pre courtesy telephone call from Boris. He maintains it’s UK’s fault for daring to vote to leave, and thus it’s UK’s responsibility to solve, yet shoots out all solutions leaving the you can never leave backstop. Well as Dylon said “times are a changing”. Boris can’t accept the BACKSTOP trap, and it’s time other leaders recognised this and accept they have to actively help with solutions to manage borders.

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