EU No Deal Brexit Panic: Brussels ”less prepared” than UK to end talks on 31 October

It is one thing for Brussels to issue dictats – it is another for the states to implement them. This would cost those affected nations multi-millions to implement & with no planning having been done, this would cause chaos with traffic jams all the way back to Berlin. Even today the Brussels Bureaucrats expect the UK to remain. It seems that the previously extinct European Ostrich is alive & well.


By Votes ………….. 17.4 Million LEAVE …… 16.1 Million REMAIN

By Constituency ……….. 406 LEAVE ……… 242 REMAIN

Constituency by Party ……… Labour 148 LEAVE ….. 84 REMAIN
ToriCons 247 LEAVE …… 80 REMAIN

By Region ……. 9 LEAVE …….. 3 REMAIN

Templar Star
After Oily Robbins does anyone truly take at face value anything coming out of the Civil Service?

55,000 employees and nearly 3 and 1/2 years & they are not ready?
The local Scout Troop could do better.

Of course because (((they))) thought their Puppet May & her Plotters on all sides would force a second Vote but alas for them we are not Greece or Ireland.

Yellow Hammer was prepared by Philip Hammond as propaganda masquerading as no deal planning. It was always intended to be leaked.
As for the EU, there is no such thing as ”no deal planning.” There are 27 countries who all have to do their own no deal planning & of those I think about 3 have done anything about it at all.

Austin Montgo0mery
The Establishment are looking for ways to remain, prolonging events until an election can give them the chance to reverse the decision. I suspect a lot of figures in politics, large organisations & the media are in receipt of financial assistance from the EU slush fund in one form or another. Many political figures from the past are terrified about what may come out about how (((they))) have sold their country down the river … these people are fighting tooth & nail for something they actually don’t give a toss about, this country & its people … we have been taken apart piece by piece since the fifties, all to get us ready for absorption, disarm us, run down our services, get rid of our industries, make us the finance department for a Federal Europe. Look how Labour’s devolution has caused splintering in the UK … all ready for the big carve-up, cheap labour imported to make us competitive with the Far East. I read somewhere a line about Brexit & whereas most causes of the Leave Vote are over-analysed & deliberately misleading, this one sums it up – Why did people vote for Brexit? … because their lives are s**t!

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