Ms Un-ReMarkleable & Prince Harry wanted to move in with his grandparents and set up home in Windsor Castle, reports say.

Sick of these two.

Crews – > Hettiet
Sick of the lot of them.$

Martin Buchananan
Hypocrites of the highest order…… all should be put out to graze at their own expense after the passing of the queen…..

Victoria Sherlock
Wish the queen would sort these two out. They really need putting in their place. Glad to see meg has finally learned how to hold her baby

s h – > Victoria Sherlock
Next step is using a knife and fork I would guess. I can imagine Phillip apoplectic when Harry brought her round for her first meal and, after she was surprised it wasn’t burger and fries, asked for a pizza which she duly cut up and then ate with her hands!
Someone should write soap about this;
Harry’s father must be turning in his grave…and Prince Charles can’t be too pleased either. I wonder if the fragrant Meg has torn Camilla off a strip for smoking and drinking too much?

Peter Glazier – > Editeds
Pizza is to be eaten by hand. But I do agree that I doubt she has been taught and absorbed how to use a knife and fork. How about a soup spoon, asparagus eaters and a finger bowl?
Please, Your Majesty, read the riot act to this couple.

s h – > Peter Glazier
True. It is very difficult to believe that after living in the US for 37 years and using their knife and fork protocol (hold food with fork in the left hand, cut it up with the knife, put knife down and swap fork to the right hand and eat) that she has adopted the correct way yet.

Awww self styled Pwincess Smirky wanted her own castle.You can imagine the wobbler when told No!

s h
Well, full marks for cheek to the Hewitts…

Queen doesn’t live in castle and how big is that baby ?

Iridian Starr
Sounds like MM just wanted to play house by pretending that the castle was hers and Harry’s while the Queen was away.

Crewza – > Iridian Starr
He is worse.

Carole Miller
She didn’t want the riff raff living there and throwing wild parties.

Janet Wilcock
What an absolute cheek. They need to remember what their position in the royal pecking order is. They could have had 20 + room apartment at Kensington Palace which is already set up for security etc but that wasn’t good enough apparently. I’m sure she would love swanning around Windsor Castle as if she owns it but fortunately that isn’t going to happen. No wonder HM offered Frogmore Cottage.

Liam O Brien
HRH The nonagenarian Queen has been successful in her 64 years sat on her worthless throne , Because she says nothing and does nothing . So there is nothing to criticize her on. Never once has she visited a food bank in UK , 1000 of them where her subordinate subjects go for food . However she never missed going to Ascot, Epsom . Cheltenham races each year . Arrives at the races in a fleet of chauffeur driven Bentley’s with an entourage of friends and family. TIME for a Republic me thinks.. The French dumped their Royal parasites centuries ago. . In 2018 over 84 million tourists visited France .. In 2018 over 36 million tourists visited UK

Y Page Edited
I don’t believe a bit of this story because the Sussexes had a home they rented in the cotswold area they were paying for and I think they would be there today but for the paps who hired helicopter to spy into their bedroom and published the pictures invading their privacy. The Sussexes took them to court and won substantial damages and an apology. They did not feel safe anymore there so they gave up the lease early over a year to be exact which would have cost them a lot of money. So do you wonder why they don’t trust and ask for privacy for their child. The media don’t do that to William they were in the Caribbean on holiday where is the pictures or the coverage. Why are the Sussexes being hounded, Charles is a climate change advocate, William talk about saving elephants I don’t get it. We all should strive to do better for the planet if everyone do a bit it adds up to a lot and education is important. If you have to fly you have to but you can recycle give up using once only plastic water bottles. Making a mockery of their efforts won’t help the planet I fly but I recycle as much as I can. Don’t shoot the messanger because you don’t like the message it’s one world we have.

Tinker Belle – > Y Page
Give over, Harry and his actress are nothing but hypocrites, scrounging ones at that and the actress has forgotten where she came from and seems to think she is more royal than the Queen herself..

So the Queen could have saved us Taxpayers 2.4 million housing them,we gave to these two and what about she moved Billy and Cathy into Windsor and their brood after all they spent 4.5 millions of our money doing up their gaff.

Teens Ly – > Crewza
Would you leave these two free to walk around your house? They’d walk off and pawn all the silver!

Y Page – > Teena Ly
I see the Sun only interested in the comedians comments. Talk about Andrew and his underage sex is that what British princes are supposed to do to command the public’s affection and respect. Truth will win out in the end. You rather pay out for Andrew.

GW: Hmmm I wonder what Skippy’s got to say about it.

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