English Democrats Step Up ”Brexit Battle” With Further Lawfare

UnityNewsNetwork: Robin Tilbrook goes to Legal WAR with the Establishment

Robin Tilbrook has been in touch with his latest e-mail blast where he details the three current legal cases he is taking on against the establishment.

  • The first and most public is of course the High Court Case against what is perceived to be the unlawful extension of Article 50 on the 29th of March.
    Tilbrook wrote about the Article 50 case:

Our High Court case against our treasonous government is due to take place in the next 5-6 weeks. Our case is simple: the extension granted by Brussels until October 31 is UNLAWFUL because Britain actually left the EU on March 29th. Treason May and her EU masters have discarded the will of the people and will do everything in their power to tie us to the EU FOREVER!

Boris Johnson, the Remainer-turned-Brexiteer, cannot be trusted. The powerless Brexit Party will NEVER deliver Brexit. Only the English Democrats can SECURE our freedom. Judgement Day is approaching. Let’s break the EU chains.

  • The second is that he is going against FaKebook for his ‘deplatforming’:

Clegg & previous Watford Mayor D Thornhill in awkward clinch.

FaKebook and its new Commissar, Nick Clegg, have de-platformed the English Democrats Party chairman, Robin Tilbrook, without a shred of justification. Clegg, the servile lackey of the EU, fears the ED case in the High Court will deliver the Brexit 17 MILLION people voted for. FaKebook is meddling (illegally) in the internal politics of our country, but we have launched a High court case against the FaKebook Fascists. We are taking a stand for free speech, the rule of law and Democracy.

  • The third case they are taking on is against Dan Jarvis MP:

Just last week, the English Democrats launched a high court case against Mayor of Sheffield City Dan Jarvis MP.

Dan Jarvis standing up for political corruption?

Crooked Labour and their cronies have been caught riding roughshod over election laws; the same laws used to jail English patriots (the law doesn’t apply to liberals, or so they think.) The first hearing is already scheduled for next month.  Don’t expect any coverage of this case on the biased BBC, though. It up to YOU and me to get the word out. Let’s hit Labour where it hurts them most: their POCKETS!

Since the outset we have been covering the Tilbrook Article 50 Legal Case and have always felt from the start that the Government has a case to be answered. There does appear to be a thirst amongst the wider public for taking the political establishment to task legally and that does include against social media companies.

However, I am slightly concerned that these other legal cases could divert both funds and attention from the Article 50 Case which is of course the most important to us all.  In my opinion the chances of winning anything against FaKebook are next to zero and likewise addressing the concerns against electoral fraud are a huge issue but without a full delivery of Brexit we cannot make the fundamental changes in the UK we need.

Many people are frustrated by the amount of time the Article 50 Case is taking but hopefully we will see some further clarity within the next few weeks.”

David Clews
Lead Correspondent | David Clews is the Lead Correspondent for UNN, with over 15 years of political experience and a wealth of social media and communication skills David gets to the heart of what is really important to the real people of the UK.

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GW: You bet there is an appetite for taking on the corrupt & biased Social Media platforms & those treasonous foot dragging Euroskeptic MPs. Let’s help ourselves to a big portion of English Justice by getting behind Tilbrook!


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