DD: 16 August 2019 – Steve Barclay’s Commencement Order, Russell Brand’s a Fabian, Arrest of Sadiq Khan under Common Law, Etc

Daddy Dragon

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Green is a good colour the colour of our land the colour of nature and good for the heart and we have to beg beg beg and fight parliament for what is natural – even cures for cancer held back from us – these people are sick..

As for ”Crossing the Line” would that be the king’s line=the Equator at sea or like the red Cross on your flag a line crossed.. That crossed line means so many differant things like cross dressing Bill Clinton – the blue dress of death and his red shoes=the Equator...

Also you say people attacking channels – this may help – Abel Danger livestream – YouTube

(Operation TEE PEE CREEPER Creeps Out 5 Pedophile Judges, One Court In Wisconsin and WAUMANDEE BANK )

There has been quite a lot of posts the last week or so talking about ”sock accounts; online stalkers; doxing” & much more…

I like you DD but this flag thing spins my head... Flags mean so much and most only hold onto what’s been taught and don’t investigate what they REALLY mean; what the colours mean to people that couldn’t read.  There is more to read than just words – even words can make you see colour…..i like your stuff but trust no one… So question everything to find truth…

Please People be careful whom you follow 💚💚💚 Wwg1wga world wide

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