George & Charlotte cheer on their parents at sailing regatta

GW: Meanwhile what sport does Ms Un-Remarkleable pursue I wonder.  Surely she knows the difference between a spinnaker & a mainsail – She spent enough time as a yacht girl didn’t she?  Perhaps Ms Un-Remarkleable is fond of  riding or is she afraid of horses??? Well does she play tennis perhaps?  No???  What on Earth DOES she do then besides twiddle her thumbs??????  And spend enormous amounts of British Tax Payers’ money.

Ms Un-Remarkleable HAS got ”hidden talents” apparently

LCC: ”Her behaviour shows a lack of understanding & appreciation of what being royal is.” – No in my opinion she is far too self-centred to care.
She not only shows no respect whatsoever for the British Royal Family, her behaviour shows disdain for them.

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