Soldier wearing mess uniform was attacked on Haymarket in central London as police launch manhunt

Soldier attacked in central London as police launch manhunt

Other Person
I wonder who could have done that. Hmmm?

Pishulonko Tulahuena
I don’t get it… soldiers are trained to be proficient in combat, and then this cultural enrichment fella come all the way to hurt badly one soldier…
With that level of training, better to avoid any war!

Steve Higgins
Listen you tit-head..for all we know, he could have hit him from behind, a sucker punch. BUT I tell you this you moron, face to face, announcing his intentions? I know where my money would be.

Tim Piechocki
If your guard is down your guard is down, there’s not much you can do about coward-strikes if you don’t know they’re coming… the army doesn’t train you to be invincible

Tim Piechocki
What POSSIBLE ethnicity and religion could this person be? HMMMHMMMMMMMMMMM the same one it ALWAYS is… everyone knows.
Apparently ‘racism’ is the big problem facing us all… Prince Harry told me so didn’t he used to be a soldier?

Deb Trenwith
shame that he only thinks racism goes one way, and who would ever have thought the royals would be groomed.

Barbara Ford
Isn’t this treason, shame we don’t have hanging anymore.

Kay Cog
let me guess….

Joseph Suarez
Can’t understand it, why the fxxk are they in this country if they hate it so much, just fxxk off back if you don’t like it, at least then you can marry your sisters and cousins and sell your daughters to your uncles to your hearts content, oh yes I know why because you’d be living in mud huts.

GW: Another over-entitled member of Thugs-R-Us showing the rest of the population how he thinks we could improve our society by adopting his values rather than keeping our own values such as the use of consideration & co-operation to solve a problem – Sheesh!

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