Hackney shooting leaves three men in hospital as gunman opens fire in East London

A spokesman for the Charles family said: “The police at the moment are acting in a way that is going to divide the communities. It will be an us versus them thing… they are acting like a gang, operating like a gang.”


  • There have been more than 78 deaths linked to knife crime in the capital since the start of 2019.
  • Last year was London’s bloodiest in a decade – when the number of homicides reached 132 – and it shows no signs of abating.
  • As of July 17, Scotland Yard had launched 78 murder investigations in London.
  • Recent figures revealed knife crime in England and Wales soared to a record high, with 43,000 offences last year.
  • This year got off to a bloody start when mum-of-one Charlotte Huggins, 33, was knifed to death at her home in Camberwell, South East London on New Year’s Day.
  • Just hours later security guard Tudor Simionov, 33, was stabbed outside a VIP sex party in Park Lane, Mayfair.
  • A week later Jaden Moodie, 14, was stabbed to death in east London after being knocked off a moped.
  • One of the most shocking deaths was that of 17-year-old Jodie Chesney who was knifed in a park in East London.  She was stabbed so ferociously the blade broke off in her body.


GW: You couldn’t make it up really – a gang cultured individual telling us the police are acting like a ”gang.”

Trev Stans
London is lost

Steven Prison – > trev stans
Good old Sun censorship – I repeat – when will the media start owning up to the fact

import the third world get third world cultural behaviours

this is not a racist statement -90% plus of London murders are performed by ethnic minorities on ethnic minorities

when will someone ask “why and how to stop this?”

Wavy Davy – > Steven Prison
Correct. No one asked for this invasion. It was decided by a tiny handful of people in power and forced on us by a tiny handful of people in power. Anyone who disagreed with it was called a racist and yet everything we said would happen is now coming true.

Giles Arsonian
Just imagine. If there had been no mass immigration in the last 70 years this would not have happened. Our streets have turned into no go zones in the name of cheap labour which is all immigration is really for. Does anyone really think that our politicians love diversity? Cheap labour was seen as more important than social cohesion and now we are reaping the consequences.

iam tim
What, guns are banned. How can this be?

Wayne Harris – > iam tim
Not with the European criminals who are flooding the country

iam tim – > Wayne Harris
I thought the EU is wonderful since your staying in

J Dawes
Well I think The Sun must be mistaken, guns are illegal and therefore no longer a problem, at least that’s what we are supposed to swallow on a daily basis.

Dwayne Pipe
Another incident that will do wonders for anywhere outside London, any sane person will move out. How long before the ghettos sprawl and London property prices crash?

Noreply – > Dwayne Pipe
Agree have you seen Lewisham lately !

Wayne Harris
And who will the Lord mayor blame?? Why the government of course budget cuts
To the police force...Perhaps if he put the fourteen million into policing instead of wasting it on festivals and a swimming pool in the Thames river ..
You might see the crime figures come down...
As for guns on our streets how many people have arrived in this country in rubber boats in the backs of lorries. Nobody knows so it is with guns and it’s only going to get worse..until they bring back capital punishment..ten years for murder.?????  What sort of deterrent is that.??

Wavy Davy
And so the ridiculous consequences of the lefty dream of uncontrolled immigration and diversity and multiculturalism continue to make London such a fabulous place to live. Well done for destroying the greatest City on Earth just to satisfy your silly idealistic fantasies.

uncontrolled immigration weak police and justice system equals Armageddon.

It was predicted many years ago.

Brummie BOB
It’s the fatherless ones again.

What’s new !

Sir David
My roses are looking very nice this year no green fly yet,leave some water out for the birds please as its going to be very Hot over the next few days. Thank you
More Garden and wild life tips tomorrow.

GW: Some of my best mates are from the Caribbean & India but they don’t go around shooting people or knifing them.  My Sikh friend is equally horrified by it all.  It’s the gang culture perpetrated by certain groups from society – the psychopaths.  And they come in all colours shapes & sizes.  There needs to be a test run on potential citizens & if they fail the psychopath test, they don’t get entry.  There are 2 Saracens I know, as well, whom I often imagine as part of the bold knights of old.

Rodericus Rex Hispaniae
British citizenship is a privilege and any criminal with a foreign background should be deprived of his British passport and deported back to his family country. Why is it not possible to do as Japanese government does?

All we can do as individuals is take what precautions we can so as not to be the victims of lawlessness, which is exactly what we have always had to do because all evidence is that no police or government can ever protect us all, most crime is never solved, we are victims anyway in those that are and, despite technology, this historic situation won’t change. PC policy has made us more vulnerable and criminals more brazen than ever before but we just have to protect ourselves as best we can, as always.

that hit the spot
All this crime is a burden on the nhs. But hey blame smokers and drinkers

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