NHA Party: On the 22nd of July Parliament Will Vote on Whether to Include the NHS in a Future US-UK Trade Deal

Dr Alex Ashman

Next Monday MPs will vote on whether to include the NHS in a future free trade agreement between the UK and US. The incoming Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has made clear that one of his top priorities upon becoming PM will be to secure a free trade deal with the US. Johnson is no friend of the NHS and neither is Trump as we all well know.

However, it is vital that we understand the detailed processes by which the government will invetiably attempt to spin its attempt at including the NHS within the scope of a future deal. That is why the National Health Action Party has contacted all members, affiliates and supporters to share with them an article written by Professor Meri Koivusalo. In that article Professor Koivusalo details just exactly what is stake and what could happen. We believe it is vital that all supporters of the NHS are well informed of the threat the NHS faces in the not too distant future. Please read the article and share far and wide.


Dr Alex Ashman
Leader, National Health Action Party

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