Clandestine poster (who may or may not be Q) over on /QRB/ also left this nugget:

Anon 7/17/19 No 14354

UK ambassador to US corrupt?
Involved in Epstein?
Who leaked the comms?
Who really leaked the comms?
May Macron & Merkel panic?
UK ambassador one of many C_A Mi6 doubles?
Double the treason?
Who can serve two masters?
Steele backer?
Why is this coming out now?
Why do the comms only cover the inauguration onwards?
What is in the other comms?
Was the UK ambassador KEY in Crossfire Hurricane?
Act of War?
Why is Philllip May making preparations to leave for New Zealand?
Site B & C?
Sanctuary from ”political” charges?
Why the chatter about the death of Prince Phillip?
Is Blair about to be taken into custody?
What is the counter-measure to the NZ PM who used postal voting to steal an election?
Which election[S]?
Journey to the Centre of the Earth

#QBABY and MEGA Revelations! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

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