Boy Racers cause havoc in Stevenage

A heart-stopping video – part of which is too graphic to publish – shows a car pulling out from a junction and into the path of another speeding motor.

The blue speeding car, believed to be a Nissan 350Z, then smashes into the driver’s side of the other vehicle – thought to be a Toyota GT86.

The crash took place near a Wickes DIY shop on the busy a-road linking Hitchin, Herts with the A10 at Ware at around 9.45pm on Thursday.


An estimated 400 people had turned out for the weekly meet for members of modified car club Cruise Herts.

Organisers of the group later vowed not to run any more events.

The club appeared to have removed its Facebook page – where the meet was originally advertised – following the smash last night.

Shocked witness Ciaran O’Connor saw children “go flying” as one of the cars ploughed into them.

He told MailOnline: “They were all between the ages of 14 and 17. It was horrible.

‘Built by robots,’ driven by ***** (add expletive of your own choosing) Many of the drivers (I use the term advisedly) of these excessively powerful cars must be seriously lacking in the ‘manhood stakes!’  GW: Absolutely agree

Douglas Anderson
There are race tracks for this type of gathering. I hope the drivers are imprisoned for causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

Deano Boy
Boy racers who think they know it all by speeding up and down the road, the fact is they are fools who are putting the people that watch them at risk and need to be banned…..

andy hutchinson
start sending the NHS treatment bill to those who put people in hospital through there reckless actions,

Jed Hawkins1 – > handy hutchinson
100% agree

PC Steve Edited
remove their licenses for good, throw them in prison and keep these menaces from ever going behind the wheel of a car again.

Aidan Hanson
If we started billing people for the criminal damage they cause, police time, NHS treatment etc for injuries/damage caused in the act of breaking the law I reckon this would have a huge impact on idiots like these. Not only would they go to jail, bu…See more

Ads – > Aidan Hanson
Sounds nice. But if someone serves their time and then has to pay back money for years to come, they would just turn to crime instead. I probably would in that situation.

Rudi Brown
This sort of reckless behaviour has to be stamped out. These juviniles should face heavy prosecution and charged with 14 counts of attempted murder

it serves them right,
just WHO do they think they are
What about everyone else who wants to use these roads?

the police must have been to busy monitoring facebook

Aidan Hanson – > maximus
Yep, harassing people for speaking their mind and having an opinion.

No police on the roads that’s the trouble, you see it every day in rural areas .

Linda Robinson
Where are the police. Gone in 60 seconds is a Hollywood film. Should be banned.

AReasonableChap – > Linda Robinson
Pity you can’t ban idiocy.

Watching this anti-social ego-trip is like swimming with sharks or playing Russian roulette. You take a risk with death. Guess what — sometimes you lose.

Car engine size should be limited to age & experience.

s h2h – > Keeper
Not size, power

Jamie M
This is awful but judging by the footage, it was an accident waiting to happen. Boy racers are a scourge on society. No matter where you go, you can always hear some chav boy racer in the distance. We live on the Moors and it’s just spoilt by these idiots racing around in their chavvy little cars with big exhausts. It should be a 3 strike system for these anti social idiots, 3 warnings and their chavmobiles are then crushed. Yet again, social media has a big part to play in helping these idiotic meetings take place.

As well as criminal charges, gather up the cars and crush them. Inform the insurance and finance companies involved so the don’t get pay outs. That might send a strong enough message out that this has to stop.

Why can’t they go to drag racing meetings or demolition derbys and put their cars in the contests. That’s what real racers do. OK there are sometimes injuries but it’s controlled. Road racing is exceedingly dangerous to everyone in the area and to other people who might want to drive down that road.

Darwin Awards anyone?

Tom Thumb One Edited
When is the UK going to take Speeding and Dangerous Driving seriously ? Prison Sentences Minimum of Two Years (No Parole) and a Life Long Driving Ban for Boy Racers if they cause an Accident !!!

Lord Greyfox
Hope all get well soon.

Jed Hawkins
Only way to put a stop to this is to seize ALL those cars and have them crushed then prosecute all the drivers….. end of, simple.!

Bob Bob
Where was plod? Again?

rod52 – > Bob Bob
Being ‘reactive’ rather than ‘proactive’ as is their way nowadays, therein lies many of our problems!

Plumboy Plumboy
Insured ?
How many of these drivers have notified their insurers of the modifications to their souped up cars not many i suppose so most will have invalid insurance, would they stop after an accident ? easy for the police to act notify insurers and …See more

joe the tar
No sympathy here i’m afraid, not for any of them…….

The Blob
I thought it was the over 60’s that were a danger on the roads – or so the papers would have us believe.

jimmyslimmy – > bobbybighead
UK kids thinking they are LA kids … thank you pogba and ASHH

Dirty Donki Edited
Wrong place, wrong time & too much “Gone in 60 seconds” “Need for banning oops speed”.

s h
A weekly meet? Is this somehow OK because Hamilton came from there or are the police too busy with knife crime?
Arrest them all and confiscate the cars. Game over

PMC Edited
I’m fine with this as long as no real motorists or innocent pedestrians were harmed

Meh, thumbs down as much as you like I’d rather see 20 of these selfish lot on a slab, instead of 1 innocent one

fast and furious – well perhaps this will teach them all a valuable lesson

Colonel Mustard
The news is full of this today and ‘experts’ are being interviewed. The reality is that this happens all over the country most days and plod is aware of it. May the injured recover quickly and fully

Achose Nman
Everyone who was there was complicit in this, from those that drove to those that watched and cheered. There are enough Darwin awards for all of them.  I can’t find any sympathy for any of them.

little devil
It’s good to see a comment page on a story about white people not so good to see stories about non whites with a missing comment page
We have a paper that is reisost against white

End the Liblabcon – > little devil
How do you know they were white?

Colin Blenkley
Ohh dear.

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