UK Column News 17 July 2019

  • Ursula von der Leyens has been shoe-horned in as First Minister of EU – There was a look of relief on her face.
  • She has taken the covers off the EU Defence Union which includes Africa.  MR: It is now time to spread the following article far & wide.
  • EU Defence Union Spelt Out By New President of the Commission
  • Nigel Farage stood up and gave his view – an attempt by the EU to take control of every part of our lives & where nation state parliaments will have very little say at all.
  • MR: And for once I have no disagreement with him about what he said.
  • BG: Nigel Farage absolutely hammered it whereas Ursula von der Leyens said all the squidgy bits but what she is really up to is very dangerous.  Interesting she emphasised the increased funding of ERASMUS – getting them while they are impressionable.
  • DE: She is cloaking it all up wth CO2 rhetoric but the table is set & we must thank von der Leyens for the fact that what was once a secret conversation behind closed doors is now out in the open & we must escalate the debate about this single point command & control EU Army here in the UK.
  • DE: I have been told that the political scene in HofC the MPs are being told that there is nothing to worry about – we are NOT in the EU army but that is complete horses!t.  We are definitely under SPC&C.
  • MR: Farage said that von der Leyens has a 5 year term & by the time this is up EU Military Union will be complete & NATO’s role will be gone.
  • DE: There will not be 2 pots of money – there will be just one pot & it will be raised by EU Tax.  We have to stop thinking that we will still be in NATO.  Trump has also said that NATO is dead.  Defence Union can only go ONE way.
  • BG: Several viewers have raised this BBC Newsnight interview between Rod Little & Tom Baldwin Comms Director for Peoples Vote.  GW: Of course Mr Liddle was accused of being a racist & xenophobe by UKPDS 200,000/ yr Emily Maitliss.  BG: That was a classic ambush.
  • Brexit: Rod Liddle and People’s Vote’s Tom Baldwin on BBC Newsnight
  • BBC Newsnight. … Columnist and author Rod Liddle calls it ‘The Great Betrayal’ in his new book, while Tom Baldwin from the people’s vote says both leavers and remainers have
  • BG: Pay close attention to the set though.  We have two Remain symbols in focus right in the middle & a Leave one out of focus on the left.  Are we watching manipulation of people via this background.  There is also an image showing the UK broken into pieces.  they are using Applied Psychology & NLP.  Note that the Remain symbol has a cross beside it.  What are you supposed to do?  Tick the Remain Box of course.
  • BG: How can we redress this?  Well a viewer sent in this badge saying ”Is that true or did you hear it on the BBC?”
  • DE: Well that was a stitch-up.  MR: What can you do?  DE: Don’t give them any money or air.
  • Harriet Baldwin Dept International Dev:  About to spend UKPDS 50 Million on aid package for Journalism Abroad – It is all about ”building foreign countries & changing societies” – Defending Media Freedoms.
  • Jeremy Hunt has announced his own funding to ”deal with fake news” via the Foreign & Commonwealth Office
  • MR: This is from the same pot which went to fund ”The White Helmets.”
  • MR: We dug a bit deeper – Integrity Initiative has not gone away even though their website is still ”down.”  In fact this is what last week’s Defend Media Freedom meeting was really all about.  The Institute for Statecraft’s website is also mysteriously ”down.”  In the meantime this organisation has been established – ”The Open Information Partnership” – working with ”fact based reporting” – Alan Duncan – using Aesopian Language again.
  • The OIP is working with Bellingcat, Atlantic Council, Media Diversity, ZINC Network
  • UK Column: Integrity Initiative: A Look Into the Deep State?
  • MR: I took a look at ZINC.  This document is available online for you to see.  A Network of NGOs Technical Proposal – ZINC – It’s all about ”Change” as you can see from the bearded lady & the guy wearing a dress.  This proposal was given to the mysterious Andy Pryce @ II. 
  • DE: Darrochgate is worse than we thought in that he was leaking sensitive US Gov information on a regular basis to a US Journalist.  This has to stop.  It looks like the Government we think we have is not what we think it is.  A malevolent group is working in the shadows & they are carrying out policy which is not in our national interest.  The fence sitting that MPs appear to be doing has to stop.
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