Prince Harry’s Meghan Markle dilemma – ”One disaster after another!”

Did I read this correctly? Harry said he didn’t like England that much? That is like a football manager saying he doesn’t like football. Harry seriously needs to rethink his role in the Royal Family.

Harry’s a Leftie & all Lefties hate England though some of them love Scotland & Wales as supposed underdogs who have been exploited by bad old England. Maybe he should move to Scotland & wear a kilt but wouldn’t Me-again complain about the cold in winter & the midges in summer.

If he doesn’t like it he should give up his title & go live somewhere else. He would also have to give up the money from the state which may be the reason he is undecided.

Be careful Harry – give up your title & your wife will be off in a heartbeat without you! She craves the star studded attention of being titled & without that she would just be another out-of-work actress.

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