But even the Dalai Lama, held up as an icon by many liberals, says that “Europe is for Europeans”


Oh, yeah, the “liberals” are indignant over his pointing out that mass migration causes social disruption.
He’s racist!

The neoliberal economic plan is to suck the wealth out of the working class and funnel it up to the top 10%, especially the 1%. How to keep the working class from noticing the theft?

How about divide and conquer? That seems to work. Take the native working class and divide it any way that works in that society. In the US, traditionally, it was race, but they added sex a couple of decades ago, then opened the doors to immigration and threw in national origin, and now, just for kicks and giggles, everybody gets to define their own gender and sexual preferences. Awesome.

The US is now divided into 243,000,000 separate categories of specialness. And if you don’t accept everything someone else tells you as gospel, you are a bigot of some sort (depending on their self identification. It varies.)

(((They))) divided up Yemen and Libya by tribes, Iraq and Yugoslavia by religion, it works the same in every country.

When the US blows, it’s going to be spectacular.

wagelaborer | Jun 28, 2019

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