Andre Vltchek: Wake Up, Damn it! A Plea to the People of North America and Europe

Gezzah Potts
I feel almost everyone here at OffGuardian as well as other sites like Moon Of Alabama, Caitlin Johnstone, The Saker, et al, are actually awake Andre. I would also point out that many in the West are also being crushed by the same highly exploitative system that pillages and rapes countries in the Global South. There are more than a few of us here either homeless, or on the verge of being homeless, many struggling to pay their bills. And tragically, the Left has essentially abandoned the working class for the intellectual psychobabble of identity politics. To repeat what I said to Peter below: the Left has completely shot itself in the foot. And who is there to fill the void? The Populists and Alt Right. I oppose Neoliberalism and Imperialism, and for me, the enemy of humanity, of Mother Earth, of our ecosystems, is the Capitalist system. Profit before people and the Planet. And yeah, perhaps try talking to people in the West who are also being ground into the dirt you know, like actual working class people. Those who produce the wealth.

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