UK Column News 26 June 2019

  • Daily Mail: George SoreAss Pro Democracy Foundation is moving funding to Western Europe including ”Northern England” in response to ”Far Right”
  • BG: You should read this article for the fact that it is so biased.
  • Open Society has moved from Budapest after 3 decades because it was ”no longer able to operate free from Government harassment”
  • BG: Who is Boran Buldioski? Goran Buldioski is the director of the Open Society Initiative for Europe. Previously, he worked for the Council of Europe, the Macedonian Center for International Cooperation, and the National Youth Council of Macedonia.
  • BG: Straight out of University yet an ”expert” on everything & very poor-Europe.  He seems to see his role as advising the rest of us on how we should think.  Funny about ”Open Society” in that you can’t really see what they are doing.  Look at the money being funnelled into it.  How could anyone else compete with that?
  • MR: Thankfully the UK Column is NOT supported by George Soros.
  • MR: Expect that you will be interested to know that it’s World Drug Day 2019 –

  • MR: 5.5% of the Global Population affected & 35 Million suffering from Drug Disorders.
  • BG: And you pointed out that in 2001 when the Taliban controlled Afghanistan the production of heroin dropped dramatically Mike.  Hmmmm.  Our military sorted it out & now we have a huge drug problem.
  • BG: We seem to have a huge problem with neo-Nazis as well Mike so thanks to the viewer who sent this in – Police turn to Hollyoaks to help combat neo-Nazi groupsGW: Channel 4 again.  Oh Dear.
  • MR: My mother was a school head & her view was that these shows are ”drivers” of behaviour rather than ”reflectors” of it.
  • BG: Counter Terrorism & Policing are asking participants to report any examples of ”terrorism” festival goers might encounter by tweeting.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt statement in Parliament regards recent protests and concerns about proposed extradition laws.

  • MR: China has told Mr Hunt that no country should try to interfere with the internal affairs of China & the Hong Kong protests are ”an internal matter.”.
  • MR: No such action on the Yellow Vests plight in France however from Hunt – the Hypocrite.
  • Man who refuses to register son’s birth to avoid ‘state control’ loses battle
  • BG: The judges’ words show that there is now some concern about the spread of the idea of sovereignty.  They are also nervous about people criticising their behaviour in court as well.
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