Taking ”TR News” For a Test Run


Labour MP Yvette Cooper an ardent REMAINER spread gossipy and unsubstantiated lies about Tommy Robinson supporters and the “Far-Right” while people in her constituency demonstrate against her.

Yvette Cooper has done everything she possibly can to stifle, delay and work against the referendum result, she is not one who believes the will of the people.

Her arrogance is undeniable; she knows better than her constituents; she does not care for their wishes or their democratic will.

She has pontificated about “doing the right thing for constituents”, apparently that also means completely ignoring them, that’s not representational by any means.

Yvette Cooper has a constituency that voted 70-30 per cent in favour of LEAVING the European Union, putting her at odds with those who voted for her. Yvette is absolutely against a No-Deal Brexit, even though the British public only voted for OUT, we did not vote for a deal.

Yvette’s betrayal has not gone unnoticed, a petition to have her de-selected from her constituency has gained over 35,000 signatures as you can see HERE.

Etc Etc Etc ……..


Jan Eyespy
The Cooper/Letwin Bill to stop No Deal Brexit was NOT done in accordance with Parliamentary rules – it travelled through from start to finish in just 3-4 days! This is compared to the Withdrawal Agreement which took 10 months. The Cooper/Letwin Bill also did not observe the rules of debate (it was announced that any debate was being stunted to save time) and in the House of Lords when the appointed Lady tried to read out the Bill her nervousness was very apparent as she stumbled and tripped over the words she was visbly upset at having drawn the short straw – it was shameful to watch.The Lady looked as if she was not happy having to read aloud the terms attached to the passing of the Bill and no wonder – normally a 14 day period is left between a Bill moving from House of Commons to House of Lords. Everything they did was against democracy as the default (of WTO/no deal) had already been passed and agreed upon by 2/3rds of MPs via the normal lawful procedures. They all knew this was not right! The corruption we are seeing is disgraceful.

David Blythen
Very interesting.

Jan Eyespy
And the vote to stop No Deal Brexit (which enabled the Bill) passed with a majority of just one!  This vote was taken when a convicted MP was allowed out of prison just in time to take part in the vote wearing an electronic tag on her ankle! So it was her vote basically that added to the total (a majority of 1) but really was this lawful? It has been reported that the timing of this vote coincided with her home curfew so she was not allowed outside when the voting took place (this should be checked out). These are extraordinary times in UK politics. There is also talk that the PM May did not pass the legal documents through Parliament for the extension correctly making the present extension period VOID and this in turn means we DID actually leave the EU on 29th March 2019. (Conservative Woman had a very good article on this where the comments revealed lots of legal jargon pointing to exactly where May has gone wrong).

Robin Tilbrook’s case claiming the same (that we have already legally left) is being given the runaround by the judicial system – not much MSM info on how he is getting on – its all a blackout.

The Remainers all think they are so clever but they bumble along in haste, leaving errors in their attempts to thwart democracy.

Anthony Brett
When the U.K. people find out that the ideal of Brexit is to stop people from Europe from coming here to work while at the same time filling the jobs with people from muslin states they are not going to be over the moon about it,  This Brexit is a con and not what people believe was going to happen

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