UK Column News 24 June 2019

  • The Gezi Park Protest Trial in Turkey is now taking place.  The claim is that is was an international event organized to interfere with the governance of Turkey.
  • PH: There is some truth on what both sides are saying.  On the one hand the Turkish Government has brutally repressed journalists but on the other side Open Society has been operating in the ”Regime change” sector for many years.  George SoreAss is a spent force now as the negative publicity has been so massive – I feel sorry for any good hearted activist within any of his NGOs trying to do some good.
  • Joint Statement on Yemen by the UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia and USA
  • PH: Moving on to what’s happening in Sudan.  Sudan occupies an important position geographically.  Right below Egypt & right on top of the entrance to Sahel Region. An important entry point into Africa.
  • MR: It’s very important geo-politically?
  • PH: Well there have been Sudan Protests –The Sun 22 June 2019: CRACKDOWN Sudan crisis: What is happening in Sudan, what is the Blue for Sudan movement and why are people protesting?
  • PH: And look what’s happening to the protesters Mike.  One was burnt in his tent.  They have a brutal Military Transition Council running things at the moment.
  • MR: this is a key destination for UK Aid Pat & this is the result???
  • MR: Now to the US & Trump’s situation.  This memo would suggest that there is more than one Government in operation in the US at the moment Pat. VIPS Memo to the President: Is Pompeo’s Iran Agenda the Same As Yours?
  • PH: Mike Pompeo is just a Yes Man & he will say ”Yes” to whomever is barking the orders Mike & he shouldn’t be Sec of State.  He has been worse than Hillary Clinton & that’s saying something.

  • Passionate Remainer as you are Mr Clegg – Russian had nothing to do with the BREXIT result?  BTW – He also justified the further curtailing of Internet Freedoms etc.  Get involved in the consultation on the Online Harms White Paper – Let the Government know your thoughts.  1st July is when the consultation closes btw.
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