WotW: Surviving The Mass Extinction

Windows on the World
23 June 2019

    • MW: This is being escalated in Ireland by the Government of Ireland or the ”Puppet in Power” allegedly put there by the Irish people. ”Climate Emergency” has been declared & ”Carbon Neutrality” is upon us by 2030. Yes Ireland’s countryside will be de-populated & the population forced into open concentration camps also known as Smart Cities.
    • MW: The end of all private transport by 2030.  What is going to happen to rural communities?  They will be forced to move.
    • MW: This sounds like some dystopian nightmare but it is the ‘‘Global Action Plan” that we have been talking about for at least 10 years.
    • MW: We have been hoodwinked by our Government & especially Treason May who has left her ”legacy” of Carbon Neutrality Treaty within the 12th hour of her office.
    • MW: But the Good News is that these people are pretty stupid & if enough good people can step forward this can still be stopped.  On Friday 21 June 2019 there was a very interesting headline in the Metro Newspaper which goes out to pretty much everyone who rides the tube, cycles or walks.
    • Jeremy Corbyn’s brother claims ‘man-made climate change does not exist’
    • MW: There was even a picture of Piers Corbyn & a side profile of myself.
    • MW: In reality this is the biggest Kontrol & Taxation System ever imposed upon the general public.
    • MW: The recent Carbon Neutrality Agreement between Ireland & the UK to destroy their economies; put the population into penury & prevent them from travelling anywhere. UK commits to Carbon Neutrality Coalition to deliver net-zero emissions
    • MW: Meanwhile the real Mass Extinction of a lot of the planet’s population is underway & the pace is getting quicker.  The perps have been working with Local & National Government to bring this into play – 5G is just a part of it.
    • EuroNews: Ireland becomes second country to declare ‘climate emergency’
    • MW: The Irish Government is preparing to ban private cars while planning a mass third world ”replacement migration” to stop dissent  by ”dividing & ruling”, by overpowering the indigenous population with people not from their country who will not be on their side.  ER & all these fake protests have all been working to this same Agenda & it culminates in the loss of all your rights.
    • MW: ”According to local media” – No according to Global Media; The World Bank; the UN; the WHO; or any other organisation which has a Globalist Agenda.
    • MW: The Iron Fist is here.  Totalitarianism is here now.  Cars off the road by 2050?
    • MW: Every ”Cult” has to have an ”Apocalypse” & the ”Climate Emergency Cultists” are no exception.
    • MW: Shane Ross is the Government official/”puppet” behind the roll-out.
    • MW: The other ”Globalist Repeater Puppet” Leo Veradkar has said: ”Our approach will be to Nudge people & businesses to ‘‘change behaviour” etc etc etc  MW: & once you are locked into this you will realise that you haven’t got as much freedom as you used to have because you are dependant on public transport.
    • GW: Now where have we heard those words before??????
    • MW: Veradkar has nothing to do with formulation of this policy as he is just doing what he is told by the Globalists just like that lying, virtue signalling London Mayor Sadiq Khan.
    • MW: The Government is lying about ”renewables” – They are not expected to work – Expect power cuts.  You will get an allowance & when that is gone tough.
    • XR founder said her aim was to ”get people to react to FEELINGS & EMOTIONS rather than to FACTS” – simple propaganda technique.
    • Reuters 20 June 2019: Ambitious 2050 climate goal relegated to footnote at EU summit after being objected to by Poland, Czech Republic & Hungary.
    • Czech President Vaclav Klaus has warned that ”Environmentalism is the new Communism”
    • GW: Still others have opined ”Green is the new Red.”
    • MW: EU leaders called on the EU Investment Bank to increase climate funding & acknowledge the differences in the Continent’s energy mix but Poland remained unmoved.  The EU Investment Bank is fully behind the looting of assets of all people via its loans schemes.  Along with the World Bank & the IMF.
    • MW: ”Renewables will bankrupt nations” – This is the whole idea & was clearly stated by Evelyn de Rothschild at the Rio Earth Summit 1992.
    • MW: Have a look at a Video put out by George Hunt on UNCED Earth Summit 1992 AGENDA 21 Pt1-6 – it’s shocking & one of the most important pieces of information about the Totalitarian Agenda.
    • MW: Check out what Globalist Dan Pena said about Carbon Tax ”Dam good idea – wish I’d thought of it”

  • MW: & get this – BBC News 20 June 2019: Climate Change MPs announce a Citizen’s Assembly
  • MW: Energy Sec Greg Clark welcomed the move.  ”Public Engagement” is not really what (((they))) are interested in.  Lots of ”virtue signallers” – Rachael Reeves – said (((they))) need a public ”buy-in” to achieve this.
  • MW: If this XR Fake Climate Protest was real do you think the Government would be listening?  No. It would have been quashed with military precision as has happened in France with the yellow Vests.
  • MW: Meeting the targets will mean that emissions from homes, farms, industry & transport will have to be avoided completely??????
  • GW: Oh my goodness – is that the time?
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