”Anarchy in the streets:” Electric scooter accidents plague Paris as residents demand police crackdown

Isabelle Vanbranant was walking home through a park in Paris when an electric scooter crashed into her, breaking the pianist’s wrist in 2 places.  Veronique Kilebasa  was crossing the street with her 7 week old baby strapped to her chest when a man riding a similar scooter collided with her throwing the pair to the ground.  In another incident a scooter sped through a red light knocking over an 81 year old pedestrian killing him.

The scooters are relatively cheap & green & easier to ride than a bike.  San Francisco based Lime was the first to start rolling them out in 2018 & you only need a Smartphone & a Credit Card to use one.  The ”dockless nature of the scooter” means people can ride them right to their front door but this in turn means they are often discarded into the Seine by the riders or vandalised.


Steve Hill
These things are illegal in the UK for good reason. No redeeming features.

GW: A powered vehicle should be in the cycle lane when ridden & the rider should walk through the park pushing it.  Furthermore owners & riders should be registered & insured as with any other motorised device.  Pushbikes are often ridden at speed on Watford pavements despite the enormous expense of putting in cycle lanes.  Some riders even wear helmets incase they collide with a pedestrian & fall off.  ”I’m all right jack” attitude.  It annoys Gideon considerably to witness such riders in action.

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