UK Column News 19 June 2019

  • The G20 meeting is taking place towards the end of next week in Japan & Trump wants to do deals with China & Russia at that time but the Deep State don’t.
  • The rhetoric between London & Russia has not improved.  Will Theresa May now stop regurgitating the same old anti-Russian language?  Harriet Baldwin is ”almost certain” the Iran was responsible for …….. (appropriate misadventure)
  • U.S. Working to Build International Consensus on Gulf of Oman Incident, Shanahan Says
  • ”The Rapid Response Mechanism” Treason May introduced last year.
  • MR: No sooner had Mr Shanahan made his statement he resigned his post so he could be a ”a good father”
  • MR: Bolton bragged that he hadn’t informed Trump of the developments
  • Treason May has been meeting Ashram Ghani of Afghanistan & Ivan Duque of Colombia.  Is it the publication of the UN Drug Report or was it because her successor is a user of the ”Colombian Marching Powder?”
  • BG: MP Oliver Coleville’s fixation with Hedgehogs – is this a Breakdown or is it a reversion to a Childish Mentality.  Potential Tori Party Leader Rory Stewart was even moved to make a speech in HofC about Hedgehogs for 13 minutes – costing  Tens of thousands of pounds – is he cocking a snoot at the average working person?
  • Chris Grayling – Everything he touches …

    BG: Chris Graything – Transport Sec – Was moved to say we have some of the safest roads in the world.  BG: However on Smart Roads (((they))) are removing the Hard Shoulder so that a broken down vehicle now endangers drivers & those standing by the vehicle.  Why is the focus only on Hedgehog Signs?????

  • BG: Update on the Noakes & Thyer Case – The British Gov is not interested in success with curing cancer but only in adherence to paying licensing fees.  Lyn is still safe & we continue to support her.  We refer viewers to Ian Crane’s Videos for further information.
  • BG: Where do judges come from? Well they are appointed by the Judicial Apps Panel but information about who is on this panel is obscure to say the least.
  • MR: An Israeli company HiSky Sat Ltd has established a London Centre.  This is 5G related.
  • Chris Skidmore Tori Minister for Science – said that this is good news because it is bringing companies like OneWeb, SatixFy & HiSky together.  MR: To get into the EU we had to give up our Satellite Technology & yet now the Government is trying to claim we are going to become a world leader again?????
  • MR: Meet Simon Gass the new Chair of the JIC appointed by none other than Mark Sedwill – stacking the cabinet office with his cronies.. Message to whomever –  Cabinet Policy is NOT going to change with that lot still sitting there.
  • The Brexit party rallies behind Rory Stewart
  • MR: Who is backing Rory Stewart – Kenneth Clarke – the biggest Remainer in Westminster.
  • Rory Stewart: calling my constituents yokels was foolish
  • MR: When Stewart went to Bilderberg he claimed expenses but upon being questioned about this he declined to give further information.
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