SB2 Deep Dive with Juan O’Savin (Part 3)! Magic Spells! Stolen Energy! Satanic Agenda!

29 May 2019

Via Tim Emslie’s latest Video

  • The ”Breaking of the Veil” or the ”Breaking the 8” Ceremony is being repeated symbolically by tptwtb via their performers in rituals.  During these performances, there is a climax or ”Gating Event” in which the audience unknowingly participates giving energy to tptwtb’s purpose of bringing in entities from another dimension.  This is what they seek to do with CERN.
  • (((They))) seek to bring Demon power & knowledge back into bodies in this realm.
  • There is a Spiritual Fight for the Soul of our country at the moment.
  • We are seeing all this lobbying etc just in simple political terms.  It is ”in plain sight” e.g. abortion or not, in or out of EU etc.  You can deny it but the whole context also has a spiritual element.  A Christian mind cannot condone some of the things that the sides are perpetrating e.g. the offering of children to Baal for instance.
  • GW: Sounds like we need to decide which side we stand on.  No more procrastination folks.  We won’t be forced to Hell.  It will be the choices we make.
  • It is said that this is the same person who speaks with Abel Danger.  City of London, Washington DC & Vatican mentioned as being part of it.  Georgia Guidstones also.
  • You must understand your enemy.  The enemy is trying to take our life force & channel it to (((their))) intentions.  We have to counter that & redirect it to the correct path.
  • What about all that chanting at the Obama rallies ”Yes we can” in reverse it actually says ”Hail Satan.”  It is the Majik & it is Wizardry.  We have been warned not to indulge in any of this – Tarot Cards, Ouija Boards, Handsigns, Sigils & Symbols etc.  Stay well away.  No StarBucks for instance.
  • (((They))) believe the Moon is their ”ship” from which they ”fell’ – that’s why George Bush Sr did a parachute jump 3 times after his presidency – a nod to the ”Falling to Earth” mentioned in the Bible.
  • GW: Tptwtb engaged in ”Sending Energy” in exchange for Demon Help?????
  • (((They))) feel that they are surviving here with the ”Apes” & are trying to go back home.  GW: Planet of the Apes anyone?
  • The movie that said it for them the best is ”Forbidden Planet”
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