So we ARE ready for a no deal Brexit after all – Part ii

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Sedwill has seen the writing on the wall. His puppet May will be gone by the end of July and he now needs to try and capture the next PM. He should be sacked as soon as the next PM walks in through the No10 door.

Heather 17
Yip they think we’re thick, that we’ll fall for the scaremongering, if we held out three years, we will hold out come what May, no hoodwinking us, watch these remain orientated hopefuls fall by the way side, their story is now threadbare, they fool themselves, not us

Marjorie. Rob Gibb May
They were deliberately delaying and extending Article 50 because the truth is we found out the EU were not ready so they have more a or less have been delaying or T May was to help the EU get ready in case of a no deal. These extensions have all been about the EU not being ready. They lied to us.

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