”You get UKPDS 800K” – Brexiteer MP exposes lobby groups Project Fear Brexit

Andrea Jenkyns

A Brexiteer exposed a member of the CBI pushing for a comprehensive trade deal with the EU by revealing that the organisation received UKPDS 800,000 from the bloc.

The awkward exchange took place on the BBC’s Sunday Politics Show when Tory MP Andrea Jenkyns took issue with the idea that the UK had to leave the EU with a deal.  The CBI’s Head of EU Negotiations Nicole Sykes insisted that leaving without a deal would be hugely damaging to the UK, but Ms Jenkyns spotted a chink in the armour & exploited it as  she explained: “I’m not surprised the CBI is taking this stance because let’s not forget that they wanted UK to be part of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism – they wanted us to join the EURO!”

Nicole Sykes: CBI admit that firms have raised wages since Referendum


The CBI represents multi-national globalist Bilderberg type organisations & not the vast majority of UK companies known collectively as ”SMEs.” I think is it DISGRACEFUL that someone has ”arranged” for the woman head of the CBI to be given a high honour – she is clearly more inclined to side with the corrupt EU than with her own country.

Bob Too
The argument on whether we remain or leave is OVER
The CBI should now be working on new trading methods, new deals, new markets, new supply chains, rather than ”still” trying to stop BREXIT. This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that every CBI is not fit for office & must LEAVE now!

Colin Blakeley
The CBI is a fully paid up member of the Swamp which needs draining.

The CBI represents slave trade & people smuggling.
They also represent a body trying to blackmail the nation.
They also have utter contempt for the people of the nation within which they exist.

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