Sanity 4 Sweden & The Grand Torino in discussion

Grand Torino
9 June 2019

Global Compact for Migration – Marrakesh, Morocco 10 December 2018

Marrakech UN migration pact hs a part to play in this nightmare inflicted on all of us in the West & in Europe.

elizabeth tudor
They like to call it diversity & strength when it is actually colonisation designed to destroy nationhood.

Gerard Foley
They want to crash the welfare system. You can’t have open borders and a welfare system. This is how the banks control everything. The bank crash was planned to take control of the government & the countries. Public banks need to be opened to take back control of the people’s money.

Win Taylor
The ”Local” (Sweden) lists innumerable bombing attacks in the country. I had no idea there were so many …..

Bernard Bernard
It is time to interview Dr Andrew Joyce, if you fail to grasp the reality of how everything you are witnessing is highly planned & choreographed, then you are completely lost.

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