Desperate search for ‘girl in pink pyjamas’ who fell from luxury cruise liner near Majorca

The ship had left Cannes, France, on Friday and was due to dock in Palma, Majorca early on Saturday.

But the ship turned around at about 8.30am after the captain came on the tannoy saying the ship was going back to look for the passenger after they had “good evidence” the girl had gone overboard.

Passenger Rebekah Sanderlin said that crew members had told other passengers the girl was an American teenager.

Harrow Dude
It is incredibly difficult to “just fall” from a cruise ship…

Real Divers
Little chance of finding her but at least they are trying.

The mysterious disappearances of cruise ship passengers

  • 50% of incidents are as a result of ”foul play.”  A place where criminals lurk & where ”foul play” is easily concealed.

Oop-De-Oop Fishin
Went on our 3rd cruise in February and it feels like cruise ships are becoming the new “LAS VEGAS”. I am seeing more people being drunk and belligerent and just don’t give a shit about the other passengers. One guy had his boom box turned all the way up in line at the buffet. I told him to have some consideration for the rest of us and he straight told me ” I paid $2000 for this trip so I can do what I want”. (whatever) Hell there was cruise ship docked at a port last year and some dipshit jumped from the 11th floor because his buddies dared him to and he was actually surprised the cruise line kicked him off the ship. LOL, like I said, the new “VEGAS”

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