EU Elections: TPTWTB Tampered with the Voting process; Brexit Party Seat going to Ex Pat; Green Party supporting ”No Borders” – Can we trust the result?

Anonymous 27 May 2019
The Powers That Be in Europe are claiming, that the sympathies of the voters are turning to the Green parties. The Green Parties, who are in favor of dissolution of national states, mass immigration and hefty additional taxation of fossil fuels and individual mobility.

Personally, I see more and more people being skeptical about CO2-taxes and mass immigration and people are appalled by the orchestrated trend, that jobs are given preferably to non-nationals.

I have the impression, the the voting processes are flawed and the elections and votes in Europe and elsewhere (e.g. India) must be massively rigged. The old institutional parties, who are losing votes, are in the know, but they are collaborating with the Zio-Masonic overlords.

In the countries allowing postal vote casting, the centralized postal routing centers have the potential of having the majority of the votes rigged in the desired direction.

In France, the manipulations included intentionally botched up voting registers:

additionally, the small parties could not afford to have their ballot papers included in the official mailing, their supporters were requested to download the ballots from the Internet.Caveman<
Anonymous 27 May 2019

The Zionist Billionaires Behind Nigel Farage – Aaron Banks & Andy Wigmore

The two paths to Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) world government seem to be Communism/globalism (George Soros, Obama etc.) on the Left and
Zionism/nationalism (Netanyahu, Trump) on the Right.

* In any battle, military or (geo) political, the “safe bet” for a would-be beneficiary is to back and control both “sides” of the conflict? Thus, sensible to assume that Israel is backing and influencing *both* the Brexit side AND the Remain side?

GW: Brian Monteith elected Brexit MP in NE England despite living in South of France

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