That’s why we are LEAVING – Part ii

Matt Desona
My neighbour’s wife is Polish. Hr sister lives in Poland married to a Pole. Four or five years ago they came over to visit her. The Polish husband had a top-of-the-range Nikon SLR camera with him. I was surprised he could afford a 3 to 4K top of the range camera and asked her what he did. My neighbour explained that the Polish husband was in receipt of an EU Grant amounting to 16K euros a year. I asked him what he did for it. ”Take photos” was the answer. I couldn’t quite believe it so I double checked that I had heard correctly. That is exactly what he did. They are from one of the areas of Poland receiving EU development money & he applied for a grant. He was given 16K euros for 12 months. He bought the camera & wandered around taking photos of his home town. The rest was used to live on without needing a job. (E16,000 is a good income in Poland). he then applied for another grant & with that bought a plot of land, while occasionally taking photos. With the third year’s grant he started to build a large house for himself. (I’ve seen the photos) He now lives in a very large house on a nice plot of land in his home town in Poland – all bought & paid for with money our government takes off us & sends to the EU. It was only recently that he needed to get a job.

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