Second Class Citizen Runs for President – The Left is creating a new kind of Caste System

The ThinkeryPublished on 27 May 2019

Stephen Thompson
Eric Swalwell, Rashida Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez, Adam Schiff and Ilhan Omar are national jokes. All are House Congressman. All are Democrats. All are extreme lefties. All of them are damaged goods.

Eric “Nuke ‘em high” Swalwell!
Eric “Vaporize the proletariat” Swalwell!

The Bandog
“I don’t know anything about him.”
Oh Sargon… you’re so much happier not knowing.

Chad Singer (edited)
That’s Eric Swalwell, one of Donald Trump’s noisy antagonists in Congress.
He’s one of the players pushing ‘Russian Collusion’, still.
He has zero chance. This is him working the donation system to benefit him.

“Why is there another white guy running for president”
“Did you assume my gender?”

GW: Maybe say “But I don’t identify as white therefore I’m not”

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