Lest We Forget Part ii – Katie for PM

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Kate Tanti
When the Govt REFUSED to accept the outcome of your own Referendum!! That right there was your Govt Ignoring the will of the people!!!

In the land of Oz,we have a parliment that ignores our 1900 UK Constitution and it is encumbered upon us ..’We the People ‘ to enact it .. the moment our ConstitutionalRights have been stomped on!

There are many in Australia that don’t even know we have a Constitution, because Tptwtb stopped it being taught in the 60s and then hid it away from the public ..until …A Constitutionally based party brought it to our attention!! Stick to what is yours, do not allow them to backpeddal .. on the outcome of your referendum!! God Bless and strenghen us all !!!!

Wendy Ferguson

Some of us fought in a more recent war and laid down our lives for this country and its sovereignty. Most came back, some of my friends and colleagues didn’t. One was killed by an enemy flying a white flag supposedly trying to surrender but was killed by an RPG being fired at us, that rendered the white flag giving the protection it should ensure as no longer valid. I won’t say what happened next but your own survival kicks in. I love the UK and I don’t hate the people of Europe, what I do detest with a passion is the EU and their corrupt leaders and people with the power who are un-elected and want to grab more power over the countries that are members, the sooner we are out of that corrupt club the better and get our country and sovereignty back so we can choose our own destiny the better.

In honour of ALL those fellow countrymen who gave their lives in every war so that our great nation should remain free and sovereign, to my 4 times great uncle who fought at the Battle of Waterloo in the Royal Horse Artillery and survived, my Grandad who fought in the Great War 1914-18 was an Old Contemptible was in the Leicester Tigers (my regiment) and survived, my great uncle who was evacuated at Dunkirk and returned on D-Day in the first wave to liberate France and survived. Thank You.

In my family there are records of 6 young men who lost their lives in WW1, including a father and son. i was born in New Zealand where we lost a generation of men in each world war.

It’s strange fruit 

So my heart is breaking for my homeland as the un-elected prime minister and former Blair employee Jacinda Ardern grabbed power after the ChCh shooting, And in doing so managed within days to do something the left have been trying to Achieve for decades, Get Anzac Day ceremonies stopped. ANZAC day is still a moving day for those of us who had family members die in far off nations for those very reasons described, to stop dictatorships and war mongers, and those who would dare to attempt to force fascism on a population.

Ardern has shown that she is little better than a 21st century fascist with her arbitrary attacks on freedom of speech and censorship of the media and internet. The rush of blood to her head has even seen her attempt to get her globalist ruling put into place at the UN.

So by destroying the memory of true patriots; by attempting to shut down ANZAC day; we can see what the future with the left holds, Revision of history to suit the left.

mr considerate from far away (edited)
I’ve written on many occasions. Governments now and in the future don’t give a toss about our history or well being. Politics is not politics. It’s a business. Politicians know it’s a short career. Except those who hit the big time working for big co corporations on their board of directors or work within the EU. My personal opinion and it is only mine. Farage is not the full package. Not the solution. But it’s a start. He is the best of a bad bunch right now. He now should know what needs to be done after his experiences in UKIP. He must now know if he’s to destroy the two party system he only has a very short time to achieve this. Liebor and Cons are no doubt having reg meetings on how they can stop Farage and his Brexit marching forward machine. No amount of money the Brexit party receive in small donations will ever match corporates, zionists and other world organisations cash that’s waiting in the wings to smash him off the grid when the time’s right. If the Brexit Party do not start publicly telling us their policies, if they have any yet? and hopefully not become another UKIP one policy party, they are doomed to failure. The Euro Elections are now officially over. In hindsight we know the results even before being announced. So these Brexit party policies should now be made public news. Leak one policy a day to the media. Start putting the frighteners on the main two. The longer he leaves this. The stronger they will become. By announcing these policies he will also get people sitting up, taking notice and realising that the Party means business. 6-12 months Brexit has to make inroads. If no success by then and no MPs in parliament, then it’s all over. Sorry for sounding negative. But we have never had a better opportunity in my lifetime to achieve this. This opportunity has to be achieved/ put into practice right now if we are to keep our heritage and history alive for future generation’s to admire and look up to.

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