Will Theresa May Pass an Anti No Deal Law?!

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TheComputerGuy TCG
“What if..?”
As some of us ignorant “far right” plebs have stated or at least implied since 24/6/2016 – you can bet on it!

I think too many of us totally under-estimate the resolve of the political elite on this. The EU is THE template to the globalists NWO agenda and our representatives are nothing BUT a bunch of puppets (serving their masters for around 2 centuries with the odd break). Let us be clear about this: These charlattans (Blair has even stated so to his party on at least one occasion) will sell their grandmothers if their true masters asked it. Hell they would slaughter the first borns… thus even the total destruction of their party is nothing to these lying deceiving conniving satanists!
Am I losing it? Or am i simply being more explicit?
Well – some of us have always said:
Never ever trust the liblabcons!

Time we faced facts and adopted a radical and historically un-british response. These barstewards do not play fair! A revolution at the ballot box now is better than leaving a legacy of servitude for our descendants – who may not then have no peaceful option open to them – t’will be slavery or out right revolution – a very difficult choice.

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