Tilbrook UpDate: The People’s Case Against The Government

Daddy Dragon
Published on 17 May 2019

ian ball
She could hang. More than likley if found guilty Of the act of treason /a declaration of war is an act of war against a foreign power i.e. the US. Therefore she could be facing a war crime in the US. The swamp will be drained.

Peta Grieve
Daddy Dragon Glad you are making progress with this Court Case. But History tells us that no one in the establishment can be trusted. Even though they appear to be working for you they can also be working against you.

Sat-Nav Steve
Been waiting for the flashback on UK involvement with the dossier, hope it hits home! Stay safe, Graham, big thanks for everything you’re doing, and the sacrifices.

Val Brooker
The Daily Express has mentioned it a few times now. I bring it up every day in the comments… “We left the EU on the 29th March under WTO terms, until proven otherwise in a court of .law.” 😀 Sorry you lost your job, what dregs these trolls are, I’m well used to dealing with them, they can’t wind me up and I never take their bait.. unless I’m playing with them. They always go off subject turning it into all about you., I play my own game with them. I can’t be sacked, I’m the owner and boss. 😀

Vox in Tenebris
It may seem tough now, but in my experience, these things occur for a reason. Clearly, you have a calling for this, your role as a citizen journalist. With all the work that I have seen you put in over recent years, you certainly deserve recognition for your efforts. Perhaps you should consider asking for donations/ funding in order to allow you to devote your time to the causes that matter to you. I certainly appreciate all that you do for us, but I don’t think any of us would want to see any additional stresses put upon you. You must take care of yourself and if allowing people to help out if they can alleviate some of the pressure, then there is no shame in that. If there is any justice, then those who have worked tirelessly in the alternative media should get recognition and more mainstream coverage in the future, at that point you will no doubt be able to reap some benefit – but until that point, keep all options open, we have a long way to go yet. Thanks again, great video – busy tonight!

maria ingram
the case is so strong they would look evil and corrupt even more than they do now if they don’t agree with it but tommy has never had fair treatment from the uk legal system nor melanie shaw they are more concerned with protecting the westmonster paedophile ring because there are so many of them and there is a link it seems between the most rabid remainiacs and the westmonster paedophile ring but it takes a real uk police force to give a robust investigation and a willingness to prosecute which isn’t there that’s the real issue

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