EP.745: Is a British Coup Underway Against Jeremy Corbyn?

Published on 13 May 2019

  • On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to
    former MP and author of ‘A Very British Coup’ and ‘The Friends of Harry Perkins’ Chris Mullin, who discusses the history of MI5 and MI6 meddling in UK politics against Labour Party leaders and whether a British coup is underway against Jeremy Corbyn. Next we speak to
  • Joel Benjamin on the covered-up LOBO loans scandal, bankrupting the UK’s local councils after being hit with devastating austerity and the revelations that it is actually the banks of the City of London that control our access to our local public services. Finally we speak to
  • Adam Kostsko, author of ‘Neoliberal Demons’ about the imposition of neoliberalism on the US and even in Iraq, how it explains the rise of Trump, how progressives are not doing enough to combat the neoliberal orthodoxy and how he fears a new American Civil War may be lurking…
  • Why is the NHS in Crisis? Yes, it’s neoliberalism – AGAIN!
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