The Houndog
Published on 15 May 2019

Ireland get your corrupt government out and vote for Gemma O’Doherty with anti-corruption Ireland, as well as Terry Lawton who has been a godsend to awaken others about geoengineering. And in Denmark vote for JFK 21 party which is against globalist corruption and the good of the people
In the UK vote for the brexit party and for Tommy Robinson who is sounding the alarm against the robbery of our free speech
And finally in Canada, don’t worry about splitting the votes vote for Maxime Bernier of the People’s Party of Canada and its candidates and if we get all those people who don’t vote because it is generally corrupted by liberals PCS or NDP, then those votes won’t split the votes because they were never votes in the first place! Please we must make one great effort as a world United to get rid of these globalists now is the time as the EU elections are coming up very shortly

Gordon Aitchison
I would say the referendum to leave has done us a huge favour because it has highlighted just how much the majority of our MP’s have lied to us in the past. Time for a complete clear-out of them all.

Jenny Hulme
I’m in England and I’m sure the elites have got a shock of their lives realising how we really feel about them – I also feel a lot of the stuff happening, like immigration, austerity, benefit reform, speech police etc……they are furious at our effrontery and they’re punishing us for our dissidence and forcefully attempting to put us back in our box……

Marten Trudeau
The national character comes from nationalities within a country. Countries must protect and preserve nationalities and cultures within their countries, if it’s to continue on into the future.
But with unlimited immigration, poor economic and monetary policies, the Scandinavians, the Brits, French, Germans, Italians, Americans and etc. will not survive, the global EU-NWO and United Nations policies that will destroy our sovereign nations, industries and our nationalities.
The glue that holds our civilizations together are God’s laws, the 10 commandments, and people living with a good conscience do not break these laws, because these are natural laws that have been written into our hearts by God himself and true citizens of Western Civilization abides by them and lives in peace with his neighbor.
We should not vote for pagan Freemasons and their associated secrete societies, or Jesuits, and any other Kabbalist fraternal/religious organization, because they are secretly all anti-God, anti-truth and anti-man.  But we will not to find candidates who are not members of these groups, because they all are.

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