Tilbrook Court Case – Important Update From Daddy Dragon

Daddy Dragon
10 May 2019

  • Gina Miller’s father was a Marxist.

PS Safari playing all sorts of ”games” today. Lots of ”information” including Daddy Dragon’s UTube account ”unable to be located” ?????? Ask Apple Helpdesk????? As if I would do (((that))).

the ice phoenix
now if this case proves we left on march 29 give me a good reason why the british people should not sue the goverment the tory party the labour party libdems and most of all sue the eu for for no less than 45 trillion just for insulting us and that’s for starters sue for 1 trillion for every year we have been lied to by our own parlerment and brussels and they can also kiss their 39 billion good bye into the bargain

Wendy Smith
the ice phoenix if we get the declaration from the court that we did leave, then everything that has occurred since the true date is null and void and also the money we have paid the EU had to be returned to us.👍🏻 so donate donate donate

douglas todd
1 This is covering the Brexit extension. It’s a Clear cut case, Article 50(2) NEVER passed through BOTH houses of Parliament, it passed through house of commons but never passed into Lords as the Govt. had run out of time, May thought it Wouldn’t Matter as the LORDS had been having a discussion about getting a time extension so they could debate and vote on it like any other Bill, needless to say it didn’t happen. This was the words spoken by a Govt. spokesman. 2 Next reason Article 50(2)has a 2yr. time Span, as it states after 2yrs if there is No Agreement a state of No Deal will exist, According to Govt. that should have been 29thMARCH 2019, Which would have been the Date on the letter May sent to Brussels, This is where the Big Mistake Happened, Article 50(2) Doesn’t mention anything about when the letter is Sent. The Clock started counting the Second the Bill was given Royal Assent which was 16th March 2017 which means 16thMarch 2019, was – 2yrs are up. 17th Mar 2019 is the start of 3rd year. This seems to be pretty plain Maths and English, and if a Judge can’t work this out in a couple of days, he’s in the wrong job. Maybe snaffled by Govt. ?

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