Kate Moss nails androgynous chic as she attends Michael Kors’ star-studded Met Gala

Years & years of ”service” to the string pullers.  

What’s the ”script” tonight then Jacob?  It’s androgyny this year Kate sweetie.  Look Jacob I flew out to the ME FOUR times this year on ”service operations” – the least you can do is let me wear a DRESS to the Met Gala.

Sorry Kate, no can do.  We have to push our NWO Baphomet Agenda down the throats of the General Sheeplic and you know just how much YOU mean to them – eh?  They follow you like lambs dearie.

So come on darling just you slip yourself into this black pantsuit we’ve had made for you & we promise we will make it worth your while – pink diamonds?


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