Brexit Racism And Sexualisation Of Kids In Schools

Stay Woke TV
Streamed live on 16 Mar 2019

dee London
I agree with you on the trans agenda absolutely, Posie Parker has been campaigning against it for over a year now , she’s white and has been banned from f/b Twitter and is constantly attacked by the left , as usual!!!!!!

Nita Mankoo
dee Hi I haven’t ever heard of this Posie but will check it out. I can’t get over wtf is going on, I don’t even feel safe going into the ladies toilets any more. A ten yr old girl has just been attacked in the ladies toilets in Morrisons in Scotland, Kirkcaldy, the trans pushed her in the cubicle, ripped off her clothes and when her mum came punched her mum and threatened to stab her… google it…. this can not go on, the powers that be know exactly what is going on. Watch Communism By The Back Door, it’s controversial but serious info in it.

dee London
I have been watching what u suggested, look up ”Europa The Last Battle”- there’s 10 parts 30/45 mins long, the cia are involved in everything, look at Fiona barrnet testimony,

I’m in Oregon in the US. One of the most liberal parts of the country. I want to move or home school my daughter. Just like you, I don’t trust the schools. They are trying to sexualize children. Our society is in collapse. Just like Rome, once you forsake God, allow the feelings of the few outweigh the common sense and what’s best for the majority, and allow pedophilia, that’s when real evil has taken hold and it’s too late. Society is going to implode. And it sounds like Britain is going through the same sh!t.

Sunny k badway
dont know how else to reach u, jus wanted to see if u knew that Lyr Cohn is now the head of YTmusic since 2016 … misspeld on purpose u kno who im talkin abt

Ich liebe Käsetag
You’re completely right that the rules ain’t the same visa versa. I’m from Edmonton but live in a rural village in Germany, moved in 2016 worked, grinded done my ting straight legal. How can last week I get a letter in the post telling me we want you to be doing this, earning however much and paying however much or on the 30th June they’re sending my arse back to the ends. Makes me wish I came here on a fuckin boat mate I’ve been on point my whole time here but it don’t mean shit they’re just tryna punish us.

Stay Woke TV
@Ich liebe Käsetag – this is why I voted to leave the Eu no benefits for us

dee London
Rothschilds, Rockerfellas, Soros etc all the banks run the world!!! Politicians are comprised all over, Trump is clearing out the world swamp please God!! Watch the Q boards it’s coming out now, Bushes, Clinton’s, Obama’s!!!

GW: Great Work Bro.  Keep it coming.  Nice to hear a proper male dissing the Cabal’s LGBT Agenda.

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