What do Brennan, Alexander Downer and spying all have in common?

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Daddy Dragon
Streamed live 13 hours ago

michael burns
all truth tellers are being deplatformed before they do it to you have a look at telegram

Vicky Horn
PM May is up to her armpits in Huawei, she’s sold our 5g to them and sacked Williamson because he was against it and selling our arm forces to Brussels and Chinese. Our conservative government are going to fall, I’m sure it is on all sides of parliament.

Antony Atom Ant Cosentino
The Australian Government (US. Security Exchange Commission CIK #0000805157) has been alleged to have participated (as a FVEY member) in the illegal spying on Donald Trump 2016 campaign as part of the unverified Carter Page FISA warrant, of which the “genesis and the conduct of intelligence activities” are being investigated by Attorney General Bill Barr. This has been further expanded into an attempted coup on the sitting POTUS. Is the registration of CIK #0000805157 and the political system in jeopardy.


  • George Papadopoulos – @ 19 min 21 sec onward details how Alexander Downer was actively spying and how Australian Ambassador Downer is implicated for conspiring with the FBI to undermine Trump as testified to congress and broadcast by Mark Meadow. All soon to be released in the FISA documents as confirmed by the POTUS.
  • Dan Bongino – @12 minutes onward https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aevtHHULag
  • Q post – 9 February 2019 – #2681

In further evidence of Australian politics influencing American elections that would draw the attention of the POTUS, and particularly the current favourite for the 2019 election, the Australian Labor Party was found guilty of interference and collusion in support of the Bernie Sanders campaign. This sharpens the focus onto the politicians and the political system.

It has been suggested that, as is Queen Victoria’s right, Prince Harry has been proposed as the next Governor General as a way for the CoA to resolve the matters of CO1158312019 without drawing light to the treachery.

Could the corporate veil of CIK #0000805157 soon be swiftly removed in retribution by the POTUS by the release of the FISA document, while simultaneously exposing the political treachery suffered upon the CoA.

How do our 2019 political candidates feel about the compromised position they find themselves in, knowing they too may eventually be embroiled in treason?

To culminate on the collusion, investigations are long underway into the media acting as foreign agents by accepting financial payment without declaring this interest. Trump has openly touted that the mainstream media will be no more in a few years. Many of these organisations were unaware of the ‘foreign agent’ angle and simply thought the boast was with respect to viewership. Drawing a long bow, what are the implication for Australian media organisations registered on the SEC, and further, what are the implications ‘at home’ if similar breaches have occurred.

All of this needs to be kept in context of the confirmation statements made by judge appointees, including Kavanaugh and Collins, on the validity of execution as punishment for treason and sedition.

Front Page Britain
Munich Security Council directing UK Defence strategy – George Soros involved. Confirmed by MP Mercer – Source UKcolumn

FaceBook is Run By Criminals. To Spy on Citizens. to calculate how they / we think & Feel at any moment in time & How ASLEEP WE ARE.
It is their way of FEELING OUR PULSE at any given time.

Carol-anne Murray
Nick Clegg inside the Facebook board

William Spring
well done
Facebook behavior not surprising. Our London Committee for Constitutional Order had our second meeting last week at The Dutch House Stamford Hill. We agreed Mrs May is a traitot to Queen & Commonwealth running now a regime not a govt

A coup in UK this morning 11th April 2019

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