Flight from Sweden

Adam Bohlin
The Danes as a people are very resilient to Islam, much more so than UK/Sweden I split my time between these two. I grew up in Sweden but I am not born there. Things you should know are that the Danes the Finnish and the Norwegian are now having a discussion on how to close the borders against Sweden when in a few years it will become together with Belgium the two first European countries governed by Sharia, as for myself I have managed to have several ways out before that, in fact I am fleeing from Sweden this very Autumn. UK and Germany should watch out you will be next, maybe the Netherlands will come in between. I started my escape in 2013, sold everything I had, left a well paid job, to pursue a new education needed in my coming new country of necessary choice. Many many Swedes are now trying to flee but it is too late – they are stuck financial wise with loans, houses etc and they can´t leave with kids all that easy. You may ask will I fight for Sweden ofc I will but it is impossible to do that in that very country at the moment since they will strip you of all kind of livelihood and/or find something you did or said to put you in jail. That is why I am writing ”fleeing” instead of moving, and I am a gay man with darker looks than the average Swede, so you imagine what the authorities/media/globalists and communists are doing to do to a native blond Christian heterosexual man in Sweden. It is serious good folks of UK, it is just easier to see here in Sweden as the population is so small to begin with, I hope you will not end up as the Swedes have done but the time is now to resist or you will follow the fate of Sweden sooner than you think. Cheers from a gay man who is too brown too Jewish too much gypsy and too much of an unwanted adopted/refugee hence my ending up in Sweden in the first place (early 70´s) with the “wrong opinions” to be welcomed in Sweden these days.

David Barlow
President Trump is starting to drain the swamp,and the effects will be far reaching.The deep state and the globalist leeches are being identified and people are waking up to the MSM fake news.
All over Europe populists are winning and the sheep are beginning to realise the truth,but find it hard to accept.
”The Times They Are a Changing” Let’s hope Bob got it right.

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