Date: 2019-04-24

23 years ago this week, Australians were told a story as fact. Counted as one of the greatest Socialist achievements, it deceived, defrauded and disarmed Australian citizens. For Australian veterans, for those that we unable to fight back after the laws changed, for the countless children still missing or trafficked across the world.

  • The woman who looks exactly like Henrietta Donaldson (supposedly passed away in 1997 from a heart condition) who played Carleen Bryant the ”mass murder’s’‘ mother.
  • claims that Alex Jones played the role of Prince Gustav
  • Re ”The Crown Princess of Denmark’s ”brother” didn’t do it”: Crown princess Mary of Denmark, was once Mary Donaldson sister of John Donaldson. She was raised in Hobart Australia.
  • The Port Arthur ”Massacre” was pulled on 28/29 April 1996.
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