The Houndog
21 April 2019

Johnny Blue
Don’t trust Farage. He is just another establishment controlled puppet. UKIP are rough round the edges but they are Honest. I want an HONEST Government.

martin corderoy
I much prefer UKIP to the new Brexit party too. They are far more representative of working class people like me BUT, would not actually oppose Farage. The reason is this .Remember Jacob Rees Mogg strongly opposed May’s deal, and still detests it, but changed his mind about opposing it when he realised that Parliament would never pass a no deal bill, and decided that May’s was the least worst option available. I agree that principles are important but sadly, sometimes you have to be practical.

Alien Scientist
@Nicholas Ennos It’s not “The Jews” mate,,, Anti Semitism has been used time and time again to further the Saboteurs’ agenda,,, Try not to mix the 2 up,,Sabbateans are Not jews or rather they were jews that branched off from Judea in 1666 when they decided to follow the newly self-appointed jewish Messiah. Sabbatai Zevi declared himself the Jewish Messiah on the 18th day (3×6) 6th month of 1666 (notice the obvious 666 reference) except not all jews accepted this and his claim was rejected in Jerusalem,,, However over 1 million jews did side with him,,, His motto was redemption through Sin,,, learn about him,,, The Rothschild family are Sabbateans.  These people have been hiding behind the jewish name for centuries,,, incidentally it was that year the fire of London gave the space for the corporate city-state of London to be built,, think that fire was a coincidence? They were working with the Venetians who were Khazarians and also Roman, Sorry to say but the Vatican and Christianity are just as guilty as these Sabbateans.

Paul Drake
@Johnny: You may have a point but there is no doubt that Farage is a superb orator but I had a look at the other candidates of the Brexit party and I don’t like what I see. Spot the globalist infiltrator?

However If Britain had a referendum to replace the First past the post with a Preferential or MMP system like we have in NZ, then the Brexit, UKIP, and Marie Waters and others could form a coalition! Regardless of their petty differences.

These insane broadcasters in the BBC and Sky News who believe in the dark E.U. with its Nazi origins as the way forward to a left-wing nirvana are clearly out of touch with the people, but their job is now to rule, not to inform. They are relentless in their anti LEAVE bias, as are the Central Banks.

They completely ignore the fact the E.U is a dictatorship and in doing are willing to give away over 300 years of Democracy that has been fought for and hard won. They also ignore the fact that history teaches us every Dictatorship leads to tyranny for the people, and there is truth in the saying absolute power corrupts absolutely. If you were to view the E.U’s puppet-masters the Bilderberg Group secret society, one can clearly see this violently rich and powerful group want two types of people; Rulers and Serfs through globalism and corporate control of the people. They are a 1/7 part of a CABAL: who run this planet in our name.

Here they are, in their inglorious and unholy alliance:
1. The Bilderbergers
2. The Council on Foreign Relations
3. The Trilateral Commission
4. The International Banking Cartel
5.The Oil Cartel
6. Select members of the military junta
7. Select members of the security services.

All the other minor secret societies obey them. We the people are their fodder for all the false flag wars past and present, and all those to come, plus all the man-made diseases to cull the population.  If the people remain unaware of this outrage of elites and the unelected to rule over us, all this and more will come to pass.

They already have their ‘Ministry of Truth’ in place, in the form of their controlled mainstream lapdog media – stenographers who long ago gave up being journalists holding government to account. Treat them like the plague they are NOT your friend. Do your own research and take a view. I guarantee it will not be theirs.

We need to leave the Vatican controlled United Nations, we need to throw the Bank of England under the bus and print our own money.

Robert Brown
EUSSR is finished, Tory party is dead in the water, Labour’s run from an allotment shed by a man who’s part scarecrow.

Linda Sims
If the EU wasn’t so inflexible it would take Nigel Farage’s advice to go to Geneva on Article 24 of the WTO, but our loony Parliament believed the Fear Mongering re NO DEAL.
HOWEVER, there are now TWO High Court Actions proceeding which indicate that in their haste TERESA MAY and her government did not get an Act of Parliament to extend Article 50 of theEU and that ”Leaving on 29th March 2019” was the law she broke!!!

Pray for this Country because we are in a Spiritual battle and we need to know this.
Robin Tilbrook and Sir William Cash are heroes.

Win Taylor
Over here, both tories and labour parliamentarians are scampering around like Rats In A Firestorm. For these term limit detesters, unemployment is a bleak prospect at the hands of The Mob.

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