Cuadrilla ”ready to frack” at second well as pressure on embattles industry builds

So far the firm which is the only company to frack in Britain, has partially managed to frack on well at Preston New Road but has been unable to extract as much gas as it had hoped, due to earth tremors caused by the process.

Yep looks like Francis Egan’s got his bags packed.

Chris Clark
Well I sincerely trust Cuadrilla will run into as much expensive trouble as they have had at the first site.

In the meantime the fools (there is no other word) who backed Cuadrilla owner A J Lucas Group have seen the Lucas share price fall from AU$5 in 2008 to 14.5 cents on Friday having seen a daily decline of over 9%.

GW: Be careful Francis Egan – You better be strong & try to carry on or else your mind might ”SNAP!’‘- Apologies Rocky Horror Show.

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