Irish Man Is Aghast That Transgender Is Being Taught To Small Children & At What He Sees As ”The Degeneracy Agenda” Being Pushed By Globalist Puppet Varadkar

Grand Torino
Published on 19 Apr 2019

John Devitt
they have some nice new terms to keep an eye out for, minor attracted person and trans generational relationships. Remember how critical it is to bastardise poor childrens minds during the first 7 years of life a critical phase in mental development

The Patriot
Varadkar and Zappone want to make ireland the gay capital of the world with there constant ramming of there lbgt agenda, and another big part of there agenda is population replacement which they are doing a very good job of at present

a. byrne
A Dublin school had a speaker I few weeks ago ‘explaining’ to 6th year teenagers that there are more than two genders. I kid you not. Ireland is in deep deep trouble.

they’ve already been caught groping young lads in us libraries,,, it’s what it’s all about,,, and females bring kids to this are evil nothing more

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