Where Elites Travel, Death & Destruction Follow! irish Terror, France Fire, NZ Mosque

Amazing Polly
Published on 19 Apr 2019

A definite pattern is emerging.
In this video I go over the latest event – which police are calling terrorism – out of Northern Ireland. The shooting death of journalist Lyra McKee has some red flags – was she murdered as part of a cover up of something even bigger?

One Love
Bc they have to be there to witness their ff sacrifices – Ireland is a HUGE place for Their child kidnapping because it is a major cluster of RH- blood.

Deborah Jennings
Wow— the reflection in the champagne glass. All of it! These people are so evil.

Michael Groat
The Clinton’s were on ”vacation” near Hawaii when the nuclear missile was fired at Trump as AF1 flew by on its way to the Korea disarmament conferences. The MSM story said it was a false alarm.

Kathy Altherr
Yeah, Michelle is toasting to the burning/toasting of the church. Just saying. These spells they have to participate in have all kinds of structure and meanings. Nothing is by chance. Thanks for bringing this stuff up.

Dale Fraley
There’s your red flag , naming the unknown assailant a republican, nationalist & probably killed by globalist government operatives.

Timothy Warehime
soros is all over this & may. This is the brits trying to spark another war in ireland
they better watch out what they ask for.

Vos Tomek
Public attention span has burned out for “isis” so now we have a new turrist boogeyman, the “new ira”.

Couldn’t help but think of all of the “events” around the world like Sweden with 80 cars set ablaze across the country in one night and the cops claim not to know the motive. In this case however, ”terrorism” before they have even investigated.

Adopt Colorado
They also have video of someone doing something on the roof at the church an hour before the fire. They have 2 flashes as they walk around. Plus seen video of someone walking around during the fire in what looks like a white robe. Authorities don’t call an investigation while the fires still burning.

Margo Lockweeze
@Adopt Colorado, It was done to remove the heart of Paris. PARIS is a lost city the people are trying but the UN, EU, Macron’s handlers etc need the POWER POINTS TO INVERT THEM and the area grid they sit on. THE ground Notre dame sits on. Look it up for crying out loud people. Brexit and Brexiteers are kinking the UN Near win on world dominance. The last people to break their grip was Russia to the league of nations now the UN. What happened to the Russian Royal family? Was the manner in which the family was murdered/ slain/ tortured/ butchered/ a lot of OVER kill? Macron does not want to rebuild the Cathedral as it was before. He wants to one world religion it. Everything goes in it. On that type of a power point? 10%of Europe’s Christian Churches have been openly defiled by your new masters if your don’t get off you butts and learn for yourselves. This is a participatory process for the world.

A return to the “troubles” in northern ireland are also a point of contention making brexit not happen

Klaus Ebner
The IRA are a hardcore Marxist communist organisation. They hate the indigenous Irish and Irish culture, and would go to war to subvert a return to national sovereignty… So this is Brussels play? Antifa on steroids?

Strong Aingel
They scooped JO COX the alleged murdered MP (by a man shouting ”For Britain” allegedly – who was then framed 101% [watch Richard Hall’s video(s]) into a Police Car and drove her to London, from Yorkshire. The procedure is she should have gone by Ambulance to Leeds Central Hospital. This is a typical Black-Op and you can bet your life only a very few Senior people and operatives know what went on. COX was involved with the “White Helmets” and some say she was into disappearing Syrian Children.

Our former Prime Minister here in Australia that had implemented our strict gun reform after the staged mass shooting we had here in Port Arthur Tasmania, Was in New Zealand for meetings with Adern 3 weeks before their event.  Going over the Australian playbook???
Because NZ had legislation ready to roll within days the same as our gov did.

Matamoros #1
@TheBundyBear Bryant was a patsy, a stooge the poor bugger.

@Matamoros #1 did you see the other day mate they locked the Port Arthur files up for a further 75yrs or so?
On top of the 50 or whatever it was originally
Why ppl don’t question this does my head in…

Julia Delaney
No one talks Polly, what I can tell you is Ireland’s Police are Controlled by Freemasons. The DUP and Provisional Sinn Fein are working for the Globalist Agenda with the British Government and Theresa May. Provisional Sinn Fein ex Leader Gerry Adams worked with the Clinton’s as they were behind the Peace Process. Gerry Adams, Leo Varadkar and Michelle O Neill all Freemasons. Actually Gerry Adams is still in politics and he is a Knight Of Malta.

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