Student raped in front of boyfriend after being stalked through city centre

Samuel Fortes, 27, attacked the woman, 19, as she chatted on Facetime to her boyfriend who could do nothing to help her. Fortes, from Portugal, was seen following her through the streets of Leeds as she made her way home from a night out with friends. Her boyfriend managed to get screen grabs of the start of the attack on a footbridge as she was attacked from behind before the phone was smashed

When she was found by strangers at around 3am on June 23 last year she had horrific facial injuries and was ‘essentially naked’. Prosecutor David Gordon said Fortes had asked for her number earlier in the evening but when she turned him down he stalked her for a considerable distance before launching the attack.

The victim said she thought she was going to die and pulled out chunks of his hair to try to get him off her. Fortes was only disturbed when the passers-by found her handbag, keys and smashed phone on the footbridge. He then hid in a bush for two hours before fleeing the scene and going home to Sheffield.

The victim now has post-traumatic stress disorder after suffering a facial fracture and needing dental treatment. Her father said: ‘It is like you have been growing and protecting a flower for 19 years and all of a sudden somebody just comes and stomps on it.’

Fortes was told he must serve at least eight years in prison and may be deported when he is released.

Student raped in front of boyfriend after being stalked through city centre

Linda Cross
Just think he is going to get. Wose in prison and just think what God is going to do to him if he doesn’t change his ways. Amen

Colyn Wayne Gordon
This is why we MUST leave the EU. This was a sickening attack on a defenceless girl.

Damian Ryan
Another overseas animal free to wander our cities and commit atrocities and Portuguese???? hardly

Michael Fisher
Going ‘home’ to Sheffield? Home is not in this country. Terrible reporting.

Gugu Ncube
He lives there it’s his home.

Michael Fisher
@Gugu Ncube: he may have resided there, but after his sentence he’s going to get a hob nailed size ten boot up his Jacksy all the way back to his HOME country.

James Cairns
MAY BE DEPORTED!!! Is it any wonder that our country is going down the toilet! Stupid, outdated laws, the legal parasites who are more interested in making money defending these scumbags, than ensuring they are put behind bars for at least 10yrs, then thrown out! I wonder if it was a member of their family that was attacked, they’d be so “understanding”!!!

GW: This crime stood on the girl’s face so hard it caused a major facial injury.  Just think about that for a moment.  Perhaps someone should stand on his face so hard he needs facial surgery and let him see how that feels for a while.  Btw we have Portuguese friends – he’s not indigenous Portuguese.

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