Brexit & Yellow Vests Just The Beginning! & For Very Predictable Reasons!!!

The Houndog
Published on 17 Apr 2019

And the EU was supposed to be a trade deal to make Europe better. Now it’s a dictatorship and turning into a communist community. Communistic economies never do well for the people .Only the top few and the rest suffers.

Carole Weston
Heath knew what it was to become it’s why the secrets were locked away for 30 years until it was too late to stop. There also evidence to state he was a nazi sympathiser. These books like 1984 were written by communists who may have been privy to information maybe Enoch power was? hence the rivers of blood speech

It was never just a trade deal Jean Monnet stated that the true goal had to be “disguised” as an economic benefit. As for giving up sovereignty read document FCO 30 /1048 dated 1971.

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