Notre Dame Paris Fire INSIDE JOB, Destroying Tartarian Art By Burning

Barnabas Nagy
Published on 16 Apr 2019

  • 6 Million renovation program.
  • mighty quinn – Hey barnabus have you ever looked into the last year’s fire that destroyed National Museum of Brazil on 2 September 2018?  This was 226 days ago & 33 weeks & 2 days = 322 – the number representing Skull & Bones.  It was a huge loss of info. i suspect they were wiping out our history.
  • 8arbarossa – 500milj euro was donated to fix it, that means 500 milj euro can and will be detracted from their tax returns.. nice way to wash money.Donation or not, Insurance will also pay. paying a lot of money for reparations that costs only a fraction from what they gonna get, that means Insurance can use this to transfer money as well.  A lot of people are gonna make money out of this
  • Spike Elwood – People censored on Facebook for mentioning the persons on the roof
  • The Free energy spire of Notre Dame was short circuited? This is similar to all the Tartarian greenhouse style buildings that have burned through the years.
  • Blue Pill​ – 4 15 Leonardo da Vinci birthday
  • BP Oil Spill 20 April
  • THE ANSWERS ABOVE ​the fire was 30 days after New Zealand shooting
  • Marty McSuperFly!“Adversity breeds men. Prosperity breds monsters.” – Victor Hugo – wrote – Hunchback of Notre Dame

It took 30 minutes for the first fire truck to show up and there is a dozen fire stations within a mile of the church.

Candace Fleming
If you watched Max Igans videos – they are changing our His-Story.

Felix Martinez
France is governed by insane socialists.

Hey Barnabas, I saw this and thought you’d like it – quite beautiful – an impossible loss to humankind though nearly all will never have known it – this was no accident and as you watch this, you may begin to suspect why – thanks so much for all you do!

Tribute to Notre-Dame Cathedral | Beautiful Photos with Peaceful Hymns

ghost ghost
”Why would they want to see how people would react”. The answer is very simple. Using the press, television and Hollywood movies the Illuminati have been brainwashing millions of people world wide for decades. Once in a while they run a check to see at what level of stupidity and ignorance we have reached. They are testing to see if collective humanity is ready for their final solution, which is a one world government, where we all receive the mark of the beast. Click the link to have your eyes opened:

Harry H
You are right. It was a total stage show. And Barry and Michael were there as well. Really? Too many coincidences. No investigation, but it definitely was NOT terrorism.


Margaret Edwards
Makes wonder where all all the fire fighters?? Yes. It’s very fortunate that all these TV companies were on the scene when this happened!!

What is so weird is that the golden crucifix and the pews inside were untouched, makes me think of the California fires...where the trees and certain houses didnt get burned at all.

Marie Tsikopoulou
EXCELLENT POINT! I’m glad you made this connection. DEWS are even used to attack targeted people eg. scientists. pls. look how this is accomplished; and check out Voice to Skull Technology, too, while researching. Literally EVERYTHING the masses are seeing are mostly linked to their PLAN to hail in their shitty NWO, along with the New World Religion (the 7 fake Noahide Laws).

Travos Ymir
Another mossad operation

Marie Tsikopoulou
AND…the Masonic Police aka 5 EYES. Most likely CIA and MI6. Canada, Australia and New Zealand are usually involved to a lesser degree. NZ already was picked to “host” an event; UK cooperated with Assange illegally arrested; US is already embroiled with a multiple projects as well because they have more money; expect something to happen in Canada and Australia next...In Canada, things are heating up very fast with the refugees that are not being reported.

A SYMBOL of BAAL worship and the Church of Babylon… maybe Rome is next?!

It could be the golden dome of the rock, Jerusalem…they want it gone so satan’s 3rd temple can be built.

Djakonda D
Relocation of attention from yellow vests…

Marie Tsikopoulou
That’s a convenient side issue but the main focus is to CAUSE EVENTS WORLDWIDE in order to install their NWO with the One World Religion (involving the fake 7 Noahide Laws). I say “fake” because they did not come from Noah…they have been rewritten by a lunatic sect of rabbis (the Sanhedrin or Chabad Jews) aka the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN with their HQ in Jerusalem…specifically their 3rd Temple.

Dan Sutton
This was a major satanic ritual for those secret society members worshipping their false god Lucifer. Nearly 1000 churches throughout France got attacked in 2018, and the media is dead silent. The kingdom of satan is coming, seek Jesus now, because this ancient spiritual war is coming to a close soon, and you don’t want to be against Jesus when He returns to judge the whole world.

Robert Steele: Notre Dame Cathedral Burning False Flag, Complicity of Pope, Organized by Macron, Merkel, & May, Each a Satanist, Goal of Saving EU & Central Banks UPDATE 5

Kathy Tappel
The destruction of Christianity and persecution of Christians. Nothing that happens is by accident there is an agenda and the Luciferian’s are in control.

Marie Tsikopoulou
I agree with you. This does involve the Masonic Brotherhood of Psychopathic Criminals and they are in league with the Sanhedrin Lunatic Rabbis … they’re making last minute preparations to introduce their Anti-Christ. But first they have to finish with their 3rd Temple and bring in their 7 fake Noahide Laws. AND they’ve been planning all that we are witnessing for a long, long time…in the case of the Satanic Freemasons, centuries in the making,

Simone Raymond
Where are the firefighting planes?

Stoian Nitu
France has no tech .. no planes no helicopters … for that ! Jewish lighting only … and French billionaires want to wash black money to rebuild !

Michael Allen Plyler
I just saw a map of the Christian churches attacked in France over the past year. There were over 1000 incidents indicated. They say almost 2 attacks per day as opposed to 100 Mosque attacks. What does that statistic indicate to you all?

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