BREXIT March London: MPs report being abused & called ”Traitors”

Cross party MPs claimed they had been called a ”traitor” by demonstrators during Friday’s march.

GW: With a petition supposedly signed by 5 Million & a pro-remain march of reportedly 1 Million, I find it hard to see why these MPs felt so intimidated by just a few thousand – supposedly – Brexiteers on Friday.  Furthermore, the bullying atmosphere inside Westmonster is worse than anything the electorate has dealt out to them so far.  Their complaints are politically motivated & are being deliberately exaggerated in order to paint Brexiteers in the most unfavourable light possible.  Don’t tell me those women are not capable of standing up to a bit of banter – they never would have survived the election process if they were at all ”soft”.  What little respect I had for this cosseted group of political whiners is rapidly evaporating.  When I read that MP’s are pathetically bleating about being scared of their electorate I can’t help think of the family of that shopkeeper in Pinner who was stabbed to death while just opening up his shop for a day’s trading. 

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