UK Column News 29 March 2019

Re Juncker:
Grim Truth​
@Aqua Chiron Don’t get me wrong: I don’t disbelieve you. It’s just that he’s nuts. Google “‘Jean Claude Juncker EU President, consults with Aliens in Speech To EU Parliament”.

hurrikane 17
​financial collapse, civil war, anti-christ placed in third temple Jerusalem. plan accelerating rapidly

Stella Ash​

Barry E​
The EU will collpase Keep calm and carry on undermining EU in a peaceful way Get creative have fun!!!

Grim Truth​
(((The tribe))) have an old score to settle with Russia. …And Ukraine. They still remember Khmelnytsky

Grim Truth​
Open borders and a welfare state spell the end of any nation.

Aqua Chiron​
@Grim Truth search :yt: ‘‘Brexit betrayal busy busy bees building bridges behind britains back”

Aqua Chiron
Published on 20 Feb 2019

Grim Truth
4:33 Macron’s doing Merkel’s Freemasonic vagina-gesture, or whatever the Hell that thing is…

…And isn’t that the World In Action music? (Yes, I’m that old.)

Liam Cearbhaill​
More voted to leave in London than they did for Khan!!

Sean Ping​
why does Tusk think a global petition has more authority than 17.5 million Britons?

Grim Truth​
A good metaphor for the EU — everyone singing out of tune with everyone else..

Plane Drifter​
EU = Corporate Communism. Corporate Communism = Fascism

Barry E​
PEACEFUL WITHDRAWAL IS PARAMOUNT PEOPLE 100% they want a violent response keep cool!!!

Thousands of trees being cut down for 5G near me

Somerset News Network​
Rudd is a member of the bilderberg group taken over from Ken Clarke

We are not ending our relationship with the €U

Parliament subverted and circumnavigated

Helping people with their security.

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