Letter to headmaster about wifi in classroom

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Dear Headmaster,

I have been asked by Mrs F….. to present the cancer/health threat to the school from internal emf, and from external mobile phone masts in the form of a complaint. As the threat applies to all of us, from children, teachers and parents, this complaint will not be focused on any individual.

I read the GDST (Girls Day School Trust) policy document on Wifi. It is a total disgrace making general statements with no evidence provided at all as to the safety of wifi or any technical details as to wavelengths, intensity, or known health effects except in the most general terms. It’s as if it was written by BT. As a trustee of GDST is Peter Oliver, the Managing Director for Marketing, Commercial and Digital for BT’s Consumer brand, is it surprising that GDST gives wifi a clean bill of health from all possible aspects. GDST is penetrated by the industry and, as regards this issue, is unfit for purpose.

A board of trustees should not be there to represent the interests of corporations selling wifi, but look at the different ways technology can be delivered to the classroom safely. This has sadly clearly not been done at Shrewsbury High School Prep.

Furthermore the school has no wifi/RF/emf monitoring being carried out, as even if equipment is purchased according to your policies, which are one-sided and amount to a sales pitch for the most dangerous methods available, the equipment unfortunately installed, and which should be replaced urgently, is not being monitored and the staff are not being trained in its use.

I carry a meter (I have two different ones which confirm each other) for my own use to navigate emfs as I am a chemical/electro-sensitive patient at an environmental hospital over fifteen years. When I entered Sean’s classroom to talk to the teacher, I was shocked when the alarm went off on my Acoustimeter. The display was showing Peak intensity at the highest possible level (6 Volts per Meter) with no relief. In other words it had constant output off the scale. I asked the teacher why she was emitting such a high level of emf and she had no idea.
Her mobile phone was on which is wrong. But even when she switched it off, the signal was still showing very high and well into the headache/nose bleed zone. As information now readily available shows these are cancer causing levels and many other illnesses besides. The work of Dr Erica Mallery Blythe is important to follow in this area and the school should contact her asap. It is quite clear the GDST will not do so as it is industry controlled, and will not get involved in exposing what is going on.

The teacher told me she felt unwell each day, and when I told her her equipment was giving off constant high emf, she immediately wondered if her own health problems were to do with the equipment on her desk. The other teacher Mrs Benyon told me she cannot believe how many children in the classroom are constantly ill. This was not in a propos of a conversation about emfs, but gives you more background information.

The school should get rid of all wifi in the classroom as everything you are using could be delivered by cable/ethernet using less electricity, more cheaply and reducing emf by 99%. Teachers’ phones should be in airplane mode or switched off during times when the children are present. Every time I have entered any classroom I can see from my meter that teachers’ phones are invariably switched on.

If the school were monitoring emf using a simple meter each day (mistakes can be made, with equipment not switched off when it should be) some of the problem would be improved. A cheap meter only costs around £100 which would be adequate to get an initial read of approximate peak volts per meter. Each classroom could be checked on a random basis once a week without any disruption, by a Health & Safety responsible person. At the moment the teachers are left to it and have no idea or training as to the risk they are running with their own health let alone that of the poor children being exposed to emf, who have a much higher risk of cancer, infertility and being ill than the teachers do.

The first suggestion would be to switch off the smartboard when it’s not needed. That would be 90% of the time, and the wifi. That would reduce emf exposure by 90%. Phones off obviously. The next solution and the best would be to set up ethernet and wire the equipment so that bluetooth and wifi are not present. This alternative is not even mentioned by the BT sorry GDST guidelines.

The beacon by The Red Barn is broadcasting horrific levels of RF into the school. These are detectable especially around the garden area on the East side of The Ashes building, and on the top playground where it is not shielded by the Ashes Building. Also they are detectable at a high level on the top grass playing field, also, but there is some tree shielding as it is lower. A meter would give you the levels were you to buy one for about £300. The people inside the Ashes building East side would possibly be receiving very high levels of emf with the smartboards, and the Red Barn beacon both contributing to a truly horrific doseage of emf for all concerned, although my path does not go this route. The tarmac to the side of The Ashes is also exposed to the beacon.
The only way to lower these levels would be to erect screening and protection.

Supermarkets stop all RF coming into their building by installing grounded metal mesh in their walls. This is manufactured and sold in the UK not far from Shrewsbury, and it would be possible to get a representative to make a quotation to install blocking walls with grounded mesh to bring the school to an acceptable level of RF penetration from outside.

Otherwise once the information gets around that the school has not yet adopted a responsible attitude to this serious health risk, I can only imagine that schools with lower emf like Packwood will see a surge in demand and SHSP will see a fall off. People do not want their children to get cancer and become infertile, and they will soon start to get it as to what is going on.

Once 5G microwave signals are added to the current 4G networks, the results will be unspeakable with raised suicide rates, cancer rates, birth deformities and a collapse in animal and plant life, as experienced in Gateshead where LED/5G was trialled last year. At Bristol University 5G was trialled and there was a surge in the suicide rate. Despite all this (never publicised in the main media) and the industry admitting publicly that there is no research anywhere demonstrating 5G to be safe or any other RF, they are launching 5G nationally in 2020.

This would be a very good moment to bring the school into a properly defended state. Otherwise the casualty rate could rise and many parents will get the picture that the school is indeed an unsafe environment for a child to walk into.

Our own decisions about schooling our children will obviously to some extent be dependent on how this is dealt with. I wish you luck dealing with the GDST, and I hope they adopt a responsible attitude and act urgently. I am not holding my breath in that regard, given the number of industry representatives installed into the organisation. I am sure their own children and family members will not be so exposed, although their livelihoods depend on sentencing a very large number of other people to unspeakable futures and denying the reality.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Erica Mallery Blythe: Minimizing RF (Wireless) Radiation to Children

PHIRE http://phiremedical.org/
Environmental Health Trust
Published on 10 Oct 2018


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